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A silver-mining town in the south of the Wildlands, Oresrush is the closest you'll get to visiting the Old West in Octopath Traveler II. The home of Partitio, as well as the starting point of his journey, Oresrush serves as a waypoint as you make your way into the Leaflands, as well as further north into the Wildlands. It's not the most important town in the game, but you'll likely visit Oresrush a number of times.

Oresrush is located in the south of the Wildlands, part of a segment of the area that's by itself. If you're playing as Castti or Hikari you'll likely pass through Oresrush early in the game. Agnea is also relatively close.


  • In the south of Oresrush you'll find the Southern Oresrush Wilds, the connecting route between Hinouema and the Leaflands. 
  • On the east side of Oresrush is the Abandoned Silver Mine. Partitio will need to travel through this area a few times during his introductory chapter. Giff's Manse is at the end of the trail.

Oresrush is a standard town, with an Inn and Provisioner on the main street and a Tavern and Armorer in the northeast.

  • Inside Partitio's home, on the west side of Oresrush, you'll find a chest containing a Light Coin Pouch. The chest is inside Papp's office on the ground floor.
  • If you check the rear of the Inn on the west side you'll find stairs to the roof. There are stairs on the roof of the Provisioner's shop that let you climb down behind the Provisioner's desk, where you'll find a chest containing a Light Nut.
  • There's a Boorish Merchant guarding a house in Oresrush: Foundry. Get him out of the way and you'll find a chest containing Stocked Goods, a quest item, inside the house.

NPCs - Day (Oresrush)
  • Right near the entrance of Oresrush is a Townsperson. He's holding a Long Spear and a Fire Soulstone. He knows of a hidden Olive of Life along the road to the north.
  • Standing near the Inn you'll find Papp, Partitio's father. He's carrying a Traveler's Mantle and a Resistant Nut (M). Papp can teach you to Hire for Cheap if scrutinized. Papp moves up near his house after you complete Partitio's storyline.
  • Head north from the entrance of Oresrush and you'll find Harry, one of Partitio's friends. He's carrying a Silver Coin and an Olive of Life. He'll teach you Harry's Self-Deprecating Joke, a piece of info for a Side Story.
  • Atop the Inn you'll find Nikki, another of Partitio's buddies. He's carrying a Silver Coin and Wheat Bread. Nikki will teach you Nikki's Special Joke, another piece of info for a Side Story.
  • Out from of the Provisioner's shop is Joe, yet another one of Partitio's friends. Aside from his Side Story Joe has a Silver Coin and a Healing Grape (M).
  • Inside the Provisioner's shop you'll find Griff, an NPC from Partitio's first chapter. He's carrying a Silver Coin and a Silver-Plated Knife. Also in the shop is a Composed Woman who's part of a Side Story. She's carrying an Ice Soulstone (M).
  • South of the Provisioner's shop is a Townsperson. She's carrying a Plum Leaf, a Blusterbloom, and a Nourishing Nut. She can get you a Discount at the Inn if scrutinized.
  • In a fenced-off yard in the southeast of Oresrush you'll find a Ranch Owner. He's part of a Side Story. The Ranch Owner has an Unerring Earring and a Guard's Greatbow.
  • There's a Boy standing south of the Armorer. He's carrying a StoneCandy, and a Silver-Filled Pouch. He knows of a hidden Candy outside the Inn.
  • There's a Retired Miner inside the Armorer's shop. He's carrying a Sturdy Pickaxe, a quest item, and a Forget-Me-Do.
  • Inside the Tavern you'll find Ned, the fourth of Partitio's friends. He's carrying a Silver Coin and a Healing Grape, and will provide Ned's Romantic Advice if scrutinized. Also here is a Tavern Assistant with a Refreshing Jam and an Empowering Earring in her inventory. 
In addition to the NPCs listed above you'll find Roque, from Partitio's story, standing near Partitio's home once you complete his storyline. Roque is carrying a Silver Coin and a Battle-Tested Staff. You want this Staff, more than just about anything else in Oresrush.

NPCs - Night (Oresrush)
  • There's a Townsperson out front of the Inn at night. He's holding a Lance and a Thunder Soulstone (M). This Townsperson will unlock New Equipment for Sale if scrutinize.
  • There's a Townsperson out front of the Tavern at night. He's carrying a Silver Coin, a Worker's Jacket, and an Inspiriting Plum. He knows of a hidden Empowering Ring near the Provisioner's shop.
NPCs (Oresrush: Foundry)
  • Standing near the save point outside the Foundry is a Man. He's holding a Stone, a Sharp Stone, and a Fumbling Flower. He knows of a hidden Shortbow on the east side of the area.
  • There's a Boorish Merchant guarding a house on the left side of the road who plays a part in a Side Story. He's holding a Bottle of Sleeping Dust and a Fool's Leaf.
  • Standing south of the Foundry is an Elderly Man. He's holding a Healing Grape (M) and an Inspiriting Plum (M). He knows of a hidden Heavy Coin Pouch in the alleyway on the west side of the area.
Oresrush: Foundry empties out at night.

(There were also a bunch of people inside the Foundry during Throné's storyline, but they vacate after her chapter is complete. I'm honestly not sure if they had any items on them or not. Check them all before you finish the chapter.)

  • In the east of Oresrush, next to the path to the Abandoned Silver Mine, you'll find a Peddler who has been swindled out of his goods. He'll give you the Stolen Goods Side Story.
  • You'll find Joe, one of Partitio's buddies, near the Provisioner's shop. He'll give you the Wanted: A Good Joke Side Story.