Main Walkthrough

Hikari's hometown and a major power in Solistis, the kingdom of Ku plays a major role throughout Octopath Traveler II. Despite only playing heavily into Hikari's storyline, most of the events of the game's backstory are the result of Ku's warlike behavior over the years. Hikari is determined to reform the place, though... that may not be enough to stop what's coming. 

Ku is located in the southwest of Hinoeuma, and is the final stop on Hikari's journey. He spends the majority of his first chapter in Ku, though you won't regain access to Ku until you've completed Hikari's storyline.


Ku is a fairly typical town, and has its Tavern, Armorer, and Provisioner all clustered together near the entrance. (For some reason there is no Inn, however.) 

In addition to the usual array of services Ku also has a 'dungeon' of sorts known as the Five-Tiered Tower, and if you can fight your way to the top and defeat the boss you'll unlock the Conjurer Job for your party. The Five-Tiered Tower is on the right side of Castle Ku: Entrance.

  • You'll find a chest containing a Healing Grape inside one of Ku's western homes.
  • Next to the save point in the north of Ku is a ladder. Climb it to get onto Ku's ramparts, then check the tower on your left to find a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum.
  • There are two chests inside the western building in Castle Ku: Entrance. The first, accessible from that area, contains 1,600 leaves. The second, accessible by entering Castle Ku, contains a Critical Ring.
  • On the west side of Castle Ku's ground floor is a chest containing a Thunder Soulstone.
  • In the west room on the second floor of Castle Ku you'll find a chest containing a Healing Grape.
  • Down a ladder on the east side of the second floor of Castle Ku you'll find a chest containing a Fortifying Nut. Also down here is Oboro's Journal, which is more important than it seems.

NPCs - Day (Ku: Castle Town)
  • There's a Horse Lender with a Side Story near the entrance of Ku. She's carrying a Healing Grape (M), an Inspiriting Plum (M), and a Scorched Horseshoe.
  • Next to the Horse Lender is a Travelering Merchant. He has two Whimsical Leaves and a Light Soulstone (M) in his satchel.
  • East of Ku's entrance is a Horse Merchant. He's holding a Wind Soulstone, a Blusterbloom, and a Slippery Nut (L).
  • Up the stairs near the Horse Merchant you'll find a Citizen standing beside a house. She's carrying Azuki Porridge. She knows of a hidden Hairbrush inside a home on the west side of Ku.
  • Near the Provisioner at Ku's entrance is an Official. She's carrying Azuki Porridge and Revitalizing Jam.
  • There's a Childhood Friend outside the Tavern with a Side Story involving the Boastful Shieldman and the Proud Pikeman standing in the nearby alley. The three NPCs are holding Azuki Porridge, a Hairbrush, an Unerring Bracelet, a Tough Nut, a Resistant Nut, a Fortifying Nut, and a Magic Nut.
  • Inside the Tavern is a Carpenter. He's carrying a Platinum Hatchet, an Energizing Pomegranate (M), and a Tough Nut (M).
  • A little ways west of the Tavern is an Apothecary. He's holding a Pomegranate Leaf, a Dual Leaf, and Diffusing Serum. He knows of a hidden Olive of Life (L) in the weapons storeroom in the north of Ku.
  • A Citizen and a Ku Soldier are standing together on the west side of Ku. They're carrying an Herb of Valor, an Olive of Life (M), a Soldier's Spear, an Aegis Shield, and a Fire Soulstone (M). The Citizen knows of a hidden Herb of Valor on the east side of Ku.
  • You'll find a group of kids atop the wall on the west side of Ku. They're holding a Tree Nut, a Stuffed Toy, an Inspiriting Plum, a Cloth Headband, a Rare Stone, a Desert Spear, a Protective Ring, and a Slippery Nut. The Girl knows of a hidden Resistant Nut (L) inside the Tavern.
  • There's an Elderly Man standing outside two homes on the west side of Ku. He's carrying Azuki Porridge, a Thunder Soulstone (M), and a Wind Soulstone (M). He knows of a hidden Slumber Sage by bottom of the wall in the west of Ku.
  • Near the gate to Castle Ku you'll find an Official and a Ku Soldier. They're carrying a Stealthy Knife, an Herb of Healing, a Cleansing Leaf, a Healing Grape (M), and a Healing Grape Bunch.
In addition to the NPCs listed above you can find Yomi, an NPC from Hikari and Agnea's joint storyline, atop the western wall during the day.  She's carrying Protector's Vestments and 30. Scarlet Folk Song ~By the Light of the Heart~, a song for the game's Taverns. 

Further north you can also find Mikka and Benkei, who figure into a Side Story. Mikka is carrying around two Handmade Rice Balls and an Herb of Light, while Benkei is carrying a Battle-Tested Spear, a Protective Bracelet, and Azuki Porridge. Polearms don't get much better than the Battle-Tested Spear, so don't miss out on this weapon. Benkei will move into Castle Ku once you complete the Side Story.

NPCs - Night (Ku: Castle Town)
  • Zeto the Butcher, one of Hikari's gladiator friends from his storyline, is standing outside the Tavern during the night. He's carrying a Fighter's Headband and a Light Nut (L). Zeto moves into Castle Ku during the day.
  • Also outside the Tavern you'll find a Cleric. He's holding an Olive of Life (L), a Bottle of Befuddling Dust, and a Light Soulstone (L). He knows of a hidden Protective Necklace inside the elevated home on the east side of Ku.
  • Inside the weapons storeroom near the gate to Castle Ku you'll find a Soldier and an Officer. They're holding Azuki Porridge, Desert Armor, a Fortifying Nut (M), a Bastar Sword, and a Critical Bracelet. The Soldier knows of a hidden Mighty Leaf atop the western wall, while the Officer will reveal New Equipment for Sale if scrutinized.

NPCs - Day (Castle Ku: Entrance)
  • There are three women standing near the south end of Castle Ku: Entrance. They're holding an Ogre's Bane, a Crimson Spear, a King of Beasts, two Azuki Porridges, an Inspiriting Plum Basket, and a Wind Amulet. The Merchant on the left can teach you about Undeniable Allure when scrutinized, while the Official in the middle knows of a hidden Energizing Pomegranate on the far west side of the area.
  • Inside the building on the west side of this area is a Treasurer with a Side Story. He's holding a Rare Stone, a Curious Antique, and a Protective Necklace. There's also an Official in this building with an Olive of Life (M) and a Magic Nut (M) in her inventory.
  • There's an Official standing to the left of the save point. He's holding an Energizing Pomegranate, a Fool's Leaf, and a Thunder Soulstone (M).
  • Standing south of the entrance to Castle Ku is a Merchant. He's holding an Empowering Lychee (L), an Herb of Awakening, and a Strengthening Serum. He knows of a hidden Introduction to Trade in the western building of this area.

NPCs - Night (Castle Ku: Entrance)
  • There are two Ku Soldiers standing guard outside Castle Ku at night. They're holding a Stonesplitter, a Master's Shield, a Light Nut (L), a Soldier's Spear, a Soldier's Hat, and an Unerring Bracelet. The Soldier on the right knows of a hidden Stuffed Toy sitting nearby, while the Soldier on the left knows of a hidden Copper Breastplate next to the Five-Tiered Tower.

NPCs - Day (Castle Ku)
  • Standing at the bottom of Castle Ku's main staircase is a Ku Soldier. He's carrying a Hyperion Spear, a Fighter's Headband, and Desert Armor. He knows of a hidden Healing Grape Bunch on the west side of Castle Ku's second level.
  • The Prime Minister is standing with a Citizen at the top of the stairs from the entrance. They're collectively holding a Lily of the Light, an Ice Soulstone (L), an Assassin's Dagger, Azuki Porridge, and a Fumbling Flower. The Citizen knows of a hidden Strengthening Serum, back on the ground floor and behind a pillar on your right, while the Prime Minister can teach you to Challenge with Ease.
  • Inside the western room on the second floor of Castle Ku you'll find a Man and a Lady-in-Waiting. They're holding an Energizing Pomegranate (M), an Empowering Lychee (M), a Mighty Leaf, a Strengthening Serum, and a Fortifying Nut. The Lady-in-Waiting knows of a hidden Mighty Leaf on the eastern stairs up to the throne room.
  • There's a Lady-in-Waiting on the east side of Castle Ku's second floor. She's carrying Reinforcing Jam, a Thunder Soulstone (M), and a Wind Soulstone (M).

NPCs - Night (Castle Ku)
  • There's a Minister standing with Benkei on the west side of Castle Ku's ground floor at night. He's carrying Azuki Porridge, an Herb of Revival, and a Light Coin Pouch. He knows of a hidden Bottle of Blinding Dust in Castle Ku's throne room.
  • There's a Ku Officer standing with the Prime Minister on the west side of Castle Ku's second floor at night. The Officer is carrying a Divine Splendor, a Rare Metal Glaive, and a Fighter's Headband. The Divine Splendor is definitely worth grabbing.

  • Near the entrance of Ku is a Horse Lender whose horses are missing. She'll give you The Runaways Side Story.
  • Standing outside the Inn is a Childhood Friend, and she's annoyed by the two dudes arguing in the nearby alleyway. She'll give you The Strongest Side Story.
  • In the north of Ku you'll find Mikka, who played a small role in Hikari's storyline. She'll give you the Mikka's Next Chapter Side Story.
  • Inside the Tower of Trials, on the east side of Castle Ku: Entrance, you'll get into a battle. Complete it and begin the trek up the tower to begin the A Tower of Trials Side Story.
  • Inside the building on the west side of Castle Ku: Entrance you'll find a Treasurer. He'll give you The Treasures of Ku Side Story.