Main Walkthrough

Location: Sai
Reward: 12,00 leaves, Refreshing Jam

Travel to Sai and check the hospital tent in the northwest. There's an injured Young Warrior whose sword, a precious family heirloom, was stolen by a treacherous thief. He tells you that the thief is likely at the Decaying Temple, a dungeon in the Eastern Sai Sands. The Decaying Temple can only be entered by a single person, so you'll need to drop most of your team off at a Tavern to go inside. (The button for doing this is in the corner of the screen. It's not the most intuitive design.) 

Defeat the boss of the temple to receive the Keepsake Sword, then return it to the Young Warrior for your reward.

Plans from a Ruined Nation

Location: Sai
Reward: 6,500 leaves, Tough Nut (M)

Check the ramshackle building in the north of Sai's Eastern District. There's a Master Carpenter who wants to repair Sai, but he needs plans from the era of its construction to get started. Hop to Canalbrine and check its Tavern, on the east side of town, to find a Former U Carpenter at one of the tables. He has some Fort Orochi Plans in his inventory. Acquire the plans and return them to the Master Carpenter.

In addition to the reward for completing the Side Story, the Master Carpenter will fix up the building he's standing on. To his left and down some stairs is a chest containing a Battle Hatchet, and up the ladder to his right is a chest containing a Refined Sword.

The Runaways

Location: Ku
Reward: 20,000 leaves, Light Nut (M)
Prerequisite: Complete Hikari's storyline

Speak to the Horse Lender near the entrance of Ku. Her horses have been stolen, and she's not sure what to do. There are two ways to complete this quest:
  • Your first option is to get her horses back. Travel to Wellgrove and exit to the Eastern Wellgrove Trail. Walk south of the entrance to Wellgrove and you'll find a Man with Horses. Use a Path Action to knock him out. (You may also want to snag the Champion Seeker and Strenghtening Serum from his inventory.)
  • Use a Path Action to lead the Horse Lender to Oresrush. There's a Rancher in the southeastern yard of Oresrush who is looking for some help. Introduce the two.

The Strongest

Location: Ku
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Spear of Strenth, Shield of Strength
Prerequisite: Complete Hikari's storyline

Check the alleyway between the Tavern and the Provisioner's shop in Ku. A Proud Pikeman and a Boastful Shieldman are busy arguing, and their nearby Childhood Friend wishes they would stop. Knock them both unconscious using Path Actions to end the feud, as well as the Side Story. (They're also carrying a variety of Nuts, which you should snag from their inventories while you're here.)

The Treasures of Ku

Location: Ku
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Staff of Carnage
Prerequisite: Complete Hikari's storyline

Check the left building in Castle Ku: Entrance. There's a Treasurer inside, and he's bewailing the loss of the four treasures of Ku. He has tracked down two of them, but two more remain missing. He needs them back. Both items are in the hands of NPCs, and you'll need to use Path Actions to retrieve them.
  • The first, the Dragon Vase, is held by a Suspicious Peddler on the docks of Canabrine, right beside the ship. He's standing here day or night.
  • The second, the Phoenix Fan, is in the hands of a Suspicious Man on the docks of Crackridge Harbor: Anchorage. Change the time to day so he's easier to spot, as there's a crowd here at night.
Take both items back to the Treasurer for your reward.

Location: Ku
Reward: 20,000 leaves, Conjurer's Raiment
Prerequisite: Complete Hikari's storyline

Check the north of Ku. On the right side of Castle Ku: Entrance is a location known as the Five-Tiered Tower. Each level of the tower has a boss battle that you must overcome in order to reach the top. Defeat all five bosses and you'll earn the reward for the quest, as well as unlock the Conjurer Job. See the link above for a complete guide on the Five-Tiered Tower.

Mikka's Next Chapter

Location: Ku
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Mikka's Amulet
Prerequisite: Complete Hikari's storyline

Travel to Ku and speak to Mikka, who's standing south of the gate to Castle Ku. Benkei, one of Hikari's retainers, will express worry over Mikka, who won't stop working. Benkei wants to get her a new kimono to replace the old, which is dirty and ragged. He has heard of a talented tailor somewhere in the Leaflands who might be suited to the task.

Travel to Cropdale and check inside Agnea's home. Her father will create a kimono, while Pala, Agnea's sister, insists on delivering the garment personally. Use a Path Action to attach Pala to the party, then head back to Ku and speak to Mikka. She and Pala will hit it off, though the next morning Mikka will complain that her earrings are missing. It appears that a Bandit is to blame. Walk east and use a Path Action to filch the Earrings back off of him.