Main Walkthrough

Waiting All Day and Night

Location: Canalbrine
Reward: 3,000 leaves, Magic Nut, Empowering Lychee

Check out the Tavern in Canalbrine. There's a Waiting Youth sitting at a table outside the Tavern, and if you switch between day and night the person waiting in the chair will change. Use a Path Action to recruit one of the Waiting Youths, then switch the time of day and speak to the other Waiting Youth.

Traveler's Lost and Found

Location: Canalbrine
Reward: 4,000 leaves, Critical Nut (M)

Look south of the Inn in Canalbrine. There's a Young Traveler standing near a bridge who has misplaced something over the course of his travels. Jump to Beasting Bay: Anchorage and speak to the Ferry Staff during the day. She's standing near the ship, and she's carrying a Bottle of White Powder in her inventory. Use a Path Action to retrieve it and take it to the Young Traveler.

Lighthouse Restoration

Location: Canalbrine
Reward: 12,000 leaves, Lighthouse Keeper's Bandana, Tough Nut (L)

Hop in a canoe and sail north to Canalbrine's lighthouse. The Town Lighthouse Keeper is waiting out front, and he's complaining of a broken reflector in the lighthouse. He needs aelmorite to create another reflector, and the most likely place to get it is from another lighthouse.

To complete this quest you'll need to get yourself a boat. You can then sail to Lighthouse Island, located north of New Delsta Harbor: Anchorage. The Island Lighthouse Keeper has a spare Aelmorite Reflector that you can acquire from his inventory. (Note that you can't Steal or Mug it off of him. Purchase or Entreat him.) Speak to the Town Lighthouse Keeper in Canalbrine to earn your reward.

Goading the Grapes

Location: Western Conning Creek Coast
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Nourishing Nut (M)

Jump to Conning Creek, then head west out of town to Western Conning Creek Coast. Right beside the town is a small vineyard, and its owner, a Grape Farmer, is failing to properly grow any grapes. Travel to Cropdale and check inside the Tavern to find an old Grape Expert by the bar. Scrutinize him with Path Actions to learn Tricks to Growing Grapes, then return to the vineyard to pass said tricks along.

The Fish Filcher

Location: Conning Creek
Reward: 6,000 leaves, Fortifying Nut (M)

Travel to Conning Creek: Harbor. During the day you'll find the Head Fisherman down on the beach, complaining that his fish have been stolen yet again. Switch to the night, then wait around on the beach for a while. Before dawn breaks a Fish Thief will show up by the Head Fisherman's catch. Knock him out using Path Actions to complete the Side Story.

A Young Girl's Wish

Location: Conning Creek
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Vest of Joy, Revitalizing Jam

Head east through Conning Creek to Conning Creek: Outskirts, where the remains of Osvald's old house are located. There's a cemetery out this way, and an Apathetic Girl is standing near one of the gravestones. If you scrutinize her with Path Actions you'll see that she has a small bucket list that you can help her fulfil.
  • First, she wants to read the sequel to a book. Head to the Clerics Guild in the northwest of Borderfall, between Flamechurch and Clockbank, and use Path Actions to scrutinize the Cleric Novelist on the left side of the Guild. You'll learn of the Adventures of an Apprentice Cleric's Sequel.
  • Second, she wants to eat a New Delsta crepe. There's a Crepe Maker in the north of New Delsta, out front of New Delsta: Theater, who has a Deluxe Crepe in his inventory that you can nab.
  • Third, she wants to meet a famed floral designer named Roland. Travel to Timberain and head north, to the Town Square. Roland is standing on the right side of the fountain. Use a Path Action to guide him away from Timberain.
Take info, item, and man back to Conning Creek and speak to the Apathetic Girl to earn your reward. You'll need to present your gifts to the Apathetic Girl one-by-one, even if you brought them all simultaneously.

Lady Clarissa's Next Chapter

Location: Conning Creek
Reward: 9,000 leaves, Well-Worn Pole
Prerequisite: Complete Osvald's storyline

Check out Conning Creek: Outskirts. Lady Clarissa is in the cemetery, staring at her husband's gravestone. She claims to have learned of a set of ruins, 'out where the beastlings roam', though she's too busy to go see them herself. Use a Path Action to guide Clarissa, then take her to Beasting Village, where Ochette began the game.

Floyd and Thurston's Next Chapter

Location: Roque Island
Reward: 12,000 leaves, Floyd's Neo Bow
Prerequisite: Complete Partitio's storyline

Travel to Roque Island, the setting for Partitio's final chapter, and look in the south of the town. Thurston is here, and he's complaining of Floyd, who is too absorbed in his work to, uh, sleep. Use a Path Action to knock Floyd out. Yep, that's all.