Main Walkthrough

Stolen Goods

Location: Oresrush
Reward: 3,000 leaves, Light Nut, Healing Grape (M)

Travel to Oresrush and look in the east. Next to the exit to the Abandoned Silver Mine is a Peddler who claims that someone has made off with his goods. Head northwest through town to Oresrush: Foundry, then approach the Boorish Merchant who is blocking the house on the left. Knock him out - it's an easy battle, if it comes to that - and check the chest inside the house for Stocked Goods. Take the Stocked Goods back to the Peddler.

Wanted: A Good Joke

Location: Oresrush
Reward: 3,500 leaves, Invigorating Nut (M)

Travel to Oresrush and speak to Joe, the man in the red cap who's standing in front of the Provisioner's shop. Joe wants to impress a lady, and he needs a good joke. You need to glean info from three different people using Path Actions:
  • Ned, inside the Tavern, will provide Ned's Romantic Advice
  • Nikki, on the balcony above the Inn, will teach you Nikki's Special Joke
  • Harry, standing on the side of the northbound road to Oresrush: Foundry, will share Harry's Self-Depracating Joke
Take these three pieces of info back to Joe to receive your reward.

Location: Unfinished Tunnel
Reward: 5,000 leaves, Resistant Nut (L)

Head to the northwest of the Southern Crackridge Wilds, then knock out the Overseer blocking the way into the Unfinished Tunnel and enter. The Foreman is inside, and he'll tell the party that a monster has stopped any further progress on the tunnel. Make your way through the dungeon and defeat Manymaws, the monster, to put the workers back in business and earn your reward.

Location: Gravell
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Sisters' Amulet

Just south of the blacksmith Porta's home in Gravell you'll find a Worried Mother. She's fretting over her missing daughter, who may be cavorting somewhere in the Western Gravell Wilds. To find the girl you'll need to travel to the Ivory Ravine, accessible by climbing down into the pits beneath the Western Gravell Wilds. Cross one bridge to the west of Gravell, then cross back east along the next bridge to the south. You'll find the Ivory Ravine at the bottom of a lengthy ladder.

At the bottom of the Ivory Ravine you'll wind up at the south end of a stretch of water, and the Lost Girl is on a small island to the north. Try to canoe up to her and you'll get into a battle with the Deep One, a powerful boss. Defeat it and the Deep One will yield up a Cloudy Crystal Bracelet. Bring this item to the Lost Girl, then use a Path Action to escort her back to her Worried Mother.

Reaching for the Stars

Location: Gravell
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Gaudy Hat

Check the upper level of Gravell, to the east of the Armory. You'll find an Ambitious Youth who's complaining that he's not allowed the village. He concludes that putting everyone to sleep, allowing him to slip away unnoticed, is the wisest course of action. 

To complete this Side Story you need to change the time to night, then use Path Actions to knock out everyone standing outdoors who is not involved in a Side Story - in other words, the two Villagers to the south of the Inn and the Soldier near the save point. Any Path Action that knocks people out will do, though Throné's Ambush is the quickest, most efficient method.

Location: Gravell
Reward: 20,000 leaves, Wise King's Shield

Travel to Gravell and approach the first house near the town's entrance. A Debt Collector is yelling at the person living inside. Use a Path Action to get the Debt Collector out of your way, then speak to the owner of the house, a man named Porta. Porta tells you about a collection of Divine Weapons, and his desire to see one.

If you bring Porta one of the Divine Weapons - which are now 'Rusty' weapons - he'll reforge it to its original form. This will unlock the Armsmaster Job. In order to complete the quest you'll need to bring Porta the other five weapons. They're in the following locations:
  • Winterbloom - Complete The Sword in the Stone Side Story
  • Timberain - Defeat an Elderly Soldier to the west of the castle, then search the room he's guarding for a passage to a treasure chest
  • Shipwreck of the Empress - Complete the dungeon
  • Quicksand Gaol - Defeat the boss of the dungeon
  • Sinking Ruins - Defeat the boss of the dungeon
  • Seat of the Water Sprite - Complete the dungeon

Alpione's Next Chapter

Location: Gravell
Reward: 10,000 leaves, Alpione's Amulet
Prerequisite: Complete Ochette's storyline

Visit Gravell. Standing near the Inn is Alpione, who's looking for a purpose in life now that Cateracta's egg has hatched. She asks that you keep your ear open for anyone who might need a hunter. Leave Gravell for the Western Gravell Wilds, then walk south, towards the bridge nearest to Gravell. There's a Merchant by the bridge who has a Hunting Request. Learn of it via Path Action, then head back to Gravell and speak to Alpione to complete the quest.

(Alpione will leave Gravell once you complete this quest. Head to Beasting Bay: Anchorage during the night and you'll find her on the beach.)