Main Walkthrough

A small town in the far north of the Wildlands, Gravell is your last civilized stop through this rocky country. Serving as the setting for Osvald's final chapter, Gravell is also home to a man who will provide you with the best martial Job in Octopath Traveler II. Getting to Gravell early is not easy, but if you somehow manage the trip your efforts will pay off.

Gravell is located at the far north end of the Wildlands. Proceed north until you reach the Western Gravell Wilds, then head east along the bridges until you come to Gravell.


Gravell has all the usual services of a town, including a Provisioner, an Armorer, a Tavern, and an Inn. All are easy to find.

The most important location in Gravell is the small house closest to the entrance of the town. This belongs to Porta, the blacksmith, who will serve as the primary NPC for building the Armsmaster Job. You must present a single Rusty weapon to Porta to unlock Armsmasters.


  • There's a chest to the right of Gravell's upper-most house, to the north of the Inn. The chest contains a Quartz Shield.

NPCs - Day

  • There are two Villagers standing near the entrance of Gravell. They're carrying an Energizing Pomegranate, a Strengthening Serum, an Empowering Lychee (L), and a Sharp Nut (L). The Villager on the left knows of a hidden Empowering Lychee (M), beside the Armorer's shop.
  • Blocking the way into the smithing shop is a Debt Collector. He's carrying a Heavy Coin Pouch and a Bottle of Sleeping Dust. Beat him up or knock him out and the Debt Collector will move inside the shop.
  • There's a Worried Mother standing south of Porta's smithing shop who can give you a Side Story. She's carrying a Lily of the Light and a Light Soulstone (M). Complete her quest and she'll be joined by the Rescued Girl, who's carrying a Handkerchief and an Olive of Life (L).
  • Standing on the stairs down to the Tavern is a Villager. She's carrying a Bottle of Blinding Dust, an Enfeebling Flower, and Diffusing Serum.
  • Up the ramp from the save point, south of the Provisioner, is a Villager. She's carrying an Old Cloth and a Deamy Flower. She can share a Discount at the Inn with you.
  • A Shopkeeper is standing inside the Provisioner. She's carrying an Olive of Life (M), Reinforcing Jam, and an Herb of Serenity. She can teach you to Hire for Cheap.
  • Out front of the Armorer is a Villager. He's carrying an Inferno Amulet, a Warding Leaf, and a Forgotten Hat. This Villager can teach you about Masterful Mugging.
  • Standing near the top of the ladder to the east of the Armorer is an Ambitious Youth who will give you a Side Story. He's carrying a Dreamy Flower and a Light Coin Pouch.\
  • Inside the house near the Ambitious Youth is a Villager. She's holding a Hairbrush and a Bottle of Sleeping Dust. She knows of a hidden Enfeebling Flower inside the Inn.
  • Next to the chest containing the Quartz Shield, on the platform behind the Inn, is a Boy. He's carrying around a Healing Grape Bunch, an Inspiriting Plum Basket, and a Bright Stone.
  • There are three children standing in front of the Inn. Altogether they're carrying around a Tree Nut, a Candy, a Glass Marble, an Unerring Earring, and a STuFfeD ToY. More on the STuFfeD ToY below. The Boy on the right knows of a Herb of Valor near the Tavern.
  • A Scholar stands near the entrance to the Path to the Duskruin Shrine. She's carrying a Light Soulstone (M), a Shadow Soulstone (M), and a Bone.
In addition to the NPCs above, you can find Alpione, from Ochette's storyline, standing in Gravelle once you complete the final chapter of Ochette's story. She's carrying a Monster Bone Spear, a Slippery Nut (M), and a Tough Nut (L). If you complete Alpione's Side Story she will move to Beasting Bay: Anchorage instead.

NPCs - Night
  • A Soldier stands watch near Gravell's western entrance during the night. He's carrying a Steel Lance, a Quartz Robe, and an Aegis Shield. He knows of a hidden Heavy Blade outside Porta's home.
  • There's a Mercenary inside the Armorer's shop at night. She's carrying an Enchanted Edge and a Physical Belt. She can set you up with New Equipment for Sale if you scrutinize her.

Side Stories

  • Porta, the town's blacksmith, is inside his home near the entrance of Gravell. Speak to him with at least one Rusty weapon in your inventory to begin the In Search of the Divine Weapons Side Story.
  • There's a Worried Mother standing out front of Porta's home. She'll give you The Missing Girl Side Story.
  • The Ambitious Youth who's standing on the platform behind the Inn will give you the Reaching for the Stars Side Story. 
  • Once you complete Ochette's storyline you'll find Alpione in Gravell, near Porta's smithing shop. She'll give you the Alpione's Next Chapter Side Story.

The STuFfeD ToY

The STuFfeD ToY is a bit of an enigma, as it can't be taken from the Boy who's carrying it by any means. The only way to get it is to travel to the Western Gravell Wilds and wait just west of town. Before the sun rises one of the Boy's friends will walk out of town and stand by the cliff. When he does this you can use Temenos to Coerce him...

... which will reveal the Shadowy Boy inside the Boy. This creature has fifteen shields and knows a bunch of powerful spells that can wreck Temenos. Of particular concern is Deadly Gaze, a death counter that will KO Temenos in four turns if he doesn't finish the battle. It is weak to Staff, Lightning, and Light, though most physical attacks will miss unless you use Temenos's Latent Power.

This is a difficult battle to win, though you can make it much easier by equipping an accessory on Temenos that lowers Dark damage, such as a Dark Amulet or a Void Amulet. This will almost eliminate the chances of Temenos getting knocked out by attacks. Then use Elemental Barrage to (hopefully) chip away at the Shadowy Boy's shields, occasionally coupling it with his Latent Power to chew through shields without worrying about weaknesses. Equipping Temenos with the Rise Again Support Skill gives him another chance if his death timer runs out. If you're unlucky it can use Supernova after Temenos gets back on his feet to immediately wipe him out again, so you may also want to equip a Fire / Inferno Amulet.

Successfully Coerce the Boy and you'll receive a rather disturbing tidbit of information. You'll also reveal a hidden Sunshadow Staff against a nearby tree. This is a great piece of equipment for your magic users, particularly if you place it in the hands of an Arcanist.

(And no, as far as I know you can't actually get the STuFfeD ToY off of the first Boy. Still, the connection seems obvious enough.)