Main Walkthrough

A dungeon you should absolutely avoid if you're just coming out of your first few chapters, the Cavern of Waves is located in Toto'haha. To enter the dungeon you need to travel to Beasting Bay: Anchorage, then check along the eastern beach for a dock. You can canoe west from the dock to find the entrance to the Cavern of Waves.


  • Chubby Cait - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, Staff
  • Demon Jellyfish - Weak to Sword, Axe, Staff, Lightning - Drop / Steal Energizing Pomegranate (M)
  • Ducaduca (water only) - Weak to Dagger, Bow, Ice, Dark - Drop / Steal Olive of Life (M)
  • Giant Gator - Weak to Axe, Staff, Lightning - Drop / Steal Herb-of-Grace Bud
  • Horse Fly - Weak to Polearm, Light, Dark - Drop / Steal Healing Grape (M)
  • Light Revenant - Weak to Sword, Bow, Staff, Dark - Drop / Steal Inspiriting Plum Basket
  • Lord of the Flies - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Wind, Light - Drop / Steal Empowering Lychee (M)
  • Thorny Eeel (water only) - Weak to Axe, Bow, Ice - Drop / Steal Empowering Lychee (M)
  • Wind Remnant Mk. II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe, Lightning - Drop / Steal Wind Soulstone (L)

The path through this dungeon splits immediately when you enter. The two paths converge in the end, but we'll take the right path to start. It will bring you down to a waterside dock. Sail a short way west of the dock and you'll find a chest containing Salted Seafood.

Trek back to the entrance and go west from the save point. Travel as far west as you can go to find a chest containing a Healing Grape Branch. Backtrack a short ways, then take the first path leading north. You'll hit another crossroads, and if you swing left and go down the stairs ahead you'll find your way down to a chest. This one contains an Olive of Life (L).

Head back up the way you came and travel east. You'll soon hit yet another crossroads. Continue east at the crossroads to find a chest containing a JP Augmentor. Backtrack to the crossroads, then take the northern route. It will wind around a bit before taking you down some stairs to the water's edge. Go right at the bottom of the stairs and look to the north to find a hidden passage that leads to a chest containing a Raging Beast.

Head back to the stairs and use the nearby dock to sail north. You'll debark near the rear of the cave, where three chests are waiting. They each contain a Ruinous Relic. These three chests mark the end of your trip through the Cavern of Waves, so feel free to head back to the entrance and leave, or just teleport away.

Main Walkthrough