Main Walkthrough

Crop Revival

Location: Cropdale
Reward: 3,000 leaves, Invigorating Nut, Inspiriting Plum (M)

Speak to the Weaver next to the save point, near the entrance to Cropdale. She'll tell you of Cropdale's history of intricate weaving, as well as how the art is dying out. She would like one of the patterns so she can revive the tradition. A woman in a house to the west of here will mention crop patterns, as well as her son.

Head north through Cropdale, to the Forest Path. There's an Elderly Woman's Son near the save point to the north who mentions cleaning up. Scrutinize him with a Path Action and a hidden Crop Tapestry Pattern will appear in the old water mill, which is northwest of where you're standing, across the water. Take it back to the Weaver.

The Soused Nobleman

Location: Cropdale
Reward: 4,000 leaves, Prosperity Charm

Visit Cropdale's Tavern at night. Inside you'll find a Drunken Aristocrat and a nearby Tavern Assistant will complain of his loud, outspoken presence. Use a Path Action to knock him out.

Through a Child's Eyes

Location: Wellgrove
Reward: 5,000 leaves, Charm of Compassion

Check the west side of Wellgrove, near the Tavern. A Brooding Girl will tell you that her mother and stepfather don't get along all that well anymore. You'll need to bring the family together to have a discussion, which means using two different Path Actions to lead the family members to the Brooding Girl.
  • The Girl's Stepfather is up the stairs to the north of the Brooding Girl, out front of the Dancers Guild.
  • The Girl's Mother is to the east of the Brooding Girl, between the Inn and the Armory.
Agnea, Temenos, Ochette, and Partitio can all bring the Girl's Stepfather and the Girl's Mother over to end the feud and complete the quest.

Useless Fruit

Location: Wellgrove
Reward: 6,000 leaves, Dyed Clothes, Beastly Scarf

In the northwest of Wellgrove, south of Alrond's Estate, is a Considerate Youth. He's annoyed that a particular type of flower in Wellgrove creates a terrible stink when crushed, and is otherwise useless. Travel to Cropdale and speak to the Knowledgeable Villager to the south of the Provisioner, in the northwest of town. Scrutinize her for Well Iris Uses, then take this knowledge back to the Considerate Youth.

Proof of Innocence

Location: Timberain
Reward: 11,000 leaves, Nourishing Nut (L), Olive of Life (M)

Travel to Timberain and speak to Meylan, the man standing outside the court in the northeast. He professes to feeling bad for a recent defendant, and wonders if there is proof of an alibi that could see the man absolved. If you look across the bridge to the west of the court you'll see a Sickly Woman, and if you use a Path Action to guide her to Meylan she'll resolve the matter.

Proof of Guilt

Location: Timberain
Reward: 12,000 leaves, Critical Nut (L)
Prerequisite: Complete Proof of Innocence

Visit Meylan, again outside Timberain's courthouse, at night. He complains of a trial that has been ongoing for a long time. Some definite evidence would settle the case. Look southwest of the Tavern and you'll see a Remorseful Old Man, staring over the balcony. You can scrutinize him via Path Action to reveal the hidden Azure Sun Sword, in the alley by the Inn. Take the sword to Meylan to complete the quest.

Proof of Justice

Location: Timberain
Reward: 30,000 leaves, Fortifying Nut (L), Magic Nut (L)
Prerequisite: Complete Proof of Guilt

Change the time of day after completing Proof of Guilt and Meylan will disappear from his usual post outside Timberain's courthouse. Speak to the Spectator inside and you'll discover that Meylan is on trial for murder. The Spectator claims that Meylan is being set up for the murder, but there is no evidence to exonerate him. The other spectators nearby provide some hints for where to go next:
  • First you should look for the murder weapon. Head to the Southern Timberain Trail and head south and east from the city until you find a dock. This will allow you to canoe north. Look northeast to find another dock, where you can find a Stolen Sword sitting on the edge of the water.
  • Next head to New Delsta. Check the road leading north to the Game Parlor in the Backstreets. There's a Dour Elderly Woman here who can provide A Killer's Motive.
Return to the Spectator in Timberain's courthouse with these two key items in hand to complete the quest.

A Forced Hand

Location: Timberain
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Mental Belt

Check the east side of Timberain Castle: Town Square. You'll find a girl named Tiffany who is cursing her parents for setting her up with someone she has never met before. Travel to Montwise, on the eastern continent, and check the north end of the library for Margello, the groom-to-be. Use a Path Action to lead Margello to Timberain for a meeting with Tiffany.

Mira and the Elderly Guard's Next Chapter

Location: Wellgrove
Reward: 9,000 leaves, Vengeful Knife
Prerequisite: Complete Throné's storyline

Pay Wellgrove a visit. Right near the entrance you'll find the Elderly Guard who was standing watch in front of Mother's Garden. Mira, one of the girls from Mother's Garden, has taken off, and may be set on avenging Mother. Use a Path Action to lead the Elderly Guard to Lostseed, the setting of Throné's final chapter, then visit the Guide in charge of the gondola. Follow the Guide's advice and travel to Lostseed to complete the quest.

Misha's Next Chapter

Location: Wellgrove
Reward: 15,000 leaves, Butler's Tailcoat
Prerequisite: Complete Partitio's storyline

Travel to Alrond's Estate, in the northwest of Wellgrove. Misha, Alrond's butler, is in the right room on the lower floor of the estate. He complains of his master's habits, and suspects that Alrond is sneaking out of the estate at night. He wants you to investigate Alrond's nighttime activities.

Leave Alrond's Estate and head south into Wellgrove. At the bottom of the stairs leading to the estate you'll find a Strolling Townsperson at night, and he'll give you the Man in a Brown Coat info. Next, turn night to day again and look out front of the Department Store for an Eager Townsperson. He can give you the Garbage Collector info. Take what you've learned back to Misha

Main Walkthrough