Main Walkthrough

Agnea's home town, Cropdale is a pleasant little village in the northeast of the Leaflands. Aside from serving as Agnea's starting point, Cropdale only pops into the plot as the setting for Ochette and Castti's joint chapters. You probably won't spend a whole lot of time here once Agnea has moved into the wider world.

Cropdale is located on a crossroads in the Leaflands, along the route that joins the two halves of the Wildlands. If you start your game here you'll have easy access to Partitio in Oresrush, and Hikari is a short trip south, in Ryu.

  • On the east side of Cropdale is the exit to the Eastern Cropdale Trail. This route connects Cropdale to the Wildlands in the east.
  • In the north of Cropdale you'll find the Forest Path, a small area that plays a role in Agnea's storyline. North of the Forest Path you'll find the Festival Grounds.
  • West of the Forest Path you'll find the Veil of Trees. This serves as the dungeon for Agnea's first chapter.
  • East of the Forest Path you'll find the Animal Trail. This serves as the setting for both chapters of Castti and Ochette's joint storyline.

Cropdale has a Tavern near the entrance of town, as well as an Inn and a General Store in the northwest of town. If you unlock music in Taverns you can acquire 9. Agnea, the Dancer and 27. The Journey Begins from the General Store.

  • If you canoe east of the dock on the south side of Cropdale you'll find a chest containing a Healing Grape.
  • Canoe west of the dock in the south of Cropdale and you can pass beneath three bridges to the north. At the far end of the village you'll find a chest containing an Olive of Life.

NPCs - Day
  • There's a Weaver at the entrance of Cropdale with a Side Story for you. She's carrying a Wind Soulstone, a Complex Tome, and a Stimulating Earring.
  • Standing at the bar in the Tavern is a Grape Expert who plays a role in a Side Story elsewhere in the world. He's carrying a Healing Grape (M) and a Healing Grape Bunch. If scrutinized he'll share Tricks to Growing Grapes.
  • West of Cropdale's entrance is a Villager standing by a house. She's carrying a Raspberry and a Stimulating Earring. Scrutinize her for a Discount at the Inn.
  • There's an Elderly Woman in the house to the west of Cropdale's entrance. She's carrying a Raspberry and a Pomegranate Leaf.
  • Standing on the west side of the southern-most brige in Cropdale is a Villager. She's holding a Tough Nut and Refreshing Jam. She knows of a hidden Critical Nut (M) by the house with the pig pen, in the northeast of Cropdale.
  • Garud, Agnea's father, is in their home on the west side of Cropdale. He's carrying a Quality Vest and a Raspberry.
  • There are two kids standing by the west side of the central bridge in Cropdale. They're holding a Tree Nut, a Stone, a Raspberry, and a Candy. The Villager on the right knows of a hidden Festival Garland outside the Tavern, while the Villager on the left knows of a hidden Tree Nut on the ground nearby.
  • South of the General Store is a Knowledgeable Villager who plays a role in a Side Story. She's holding a Lily of the Light and a Fumbling Flower, and will describe Well Iris Uses if scrutinized.
  • There's also a Young Man standing outside the General Store. He's holding a Fumbling Flower and Diffusing Serum. He has an Undeniable Allure that you can obtain if you scrutinize him.
  • Pala, Agnea's sister, is inside the General Store. She's carrying two Raspberries.
  • Standing on the northern-most bridge is an Elderly Man. He's carrying an Herb of Healing. Scrutinize him to learn of a hidden Rare Stone, in the south of Cropdale.
  • Outside the northeastern home with the pig pen is a Taciturn Man. He's holding a Healing Grape and an Inspiriting Plum. If you knock him out and enter his home during the day you'll find a Beastling inside, and she's holding an Iron AxeRefreshing Jam, and an Herb Elixir.
  • If you head to the Forest Path you'll find an Elderly Woman's Son to the left of the save point. He plays a role in a Side Story, and is carrying an Herb of Light, a Small Axe, and an Inspiriting Plum (M). If scrutinized he'll reveal the location of a hidden Crop Tapestry Pattern, in the water mill along the river to the northwest.

NPCs - Night
  • There's a Minstrel standing on the bridge at the entrance to Cropdale during the night. He's carrying a Raspberry and an Energizing Pomegranate. He can teach you about Easier Inquiries if scrutinized.
  • A number of people move into the Tavern at night, including a Tavern Assistant with a Side Story and the Drunk Aristocrat who is the subject of the Side Story. They're carrying a Healing Grape, a Raspberry, a Silk Handkerchief, and an Antique Coin.
  • There's a suspicious Woman on the central bridge at night. She's carrying a Bottle of Poison Dust, a Shadow Soulstone, and a Tenacious Bow. She'll unlock More Plentiful Provisions if scrutinized.

  • A Weaver standing near the entrance of Cropdale will give you the Crop Revival Side Story.
  • Enter the Tavern at night and you'll see a Drunken Aristocrat yelling loudly. Speak to the nearby Tavern Assistant to begin the Soused Aristocrat Side Story.