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An isolated, desolate location that is crucial to Castti's backstory, the Abandoned Village has little to offer in the modern day. Most of its residents have moved on, leaving behind only a few dispirited stragglers. You won't find a whole lot in this place, but it is worth checking over before you move on.

The Abandoned Village is located in the north of the Brightlands, accessible via the east end of the New Delsta Flats. Despite easy, early-level access, you won't find it much use until you near the end of Castti's storyline.


  • The Abandoned Village is connected to the New Delsta Flats, to the west. The Abandoned Village is the quickest route available to the Black Marketeers that meet on the New Delsta Flats.
  • In the west is the Path to Mount Liphia, which in turn leads to Mount Liphia. You'll need to travel through both areas during Castti's storyline.


  • During the day you'll find a Traveler standing by himself in the north of the village. He's carrying a Feathered Hat, a Feather Mantle, and a Rosary of Redemption. He knows of a hidden Protective Earring inside the western-most house in the village. 
  • Set up in the middle of the village is a Tavern Keeper. He's the closest this place comes to a store.
  • There's a Villager living in the eastern-most house in the Abandoned Village. He's holding Wheat Bread, an Antique Coin, and a Nyx Royal Family Tree, which is a quest item. Scrutinize the Villager to learn of a hidden Diffusing Serum inside the house nearest to the stables in the center of the village. At night this guy will relocate to the stables.

Main Walkthrough