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Location: Waford South
Petitioner: Madame Stonely
Reward: Varies; see below
Objective Reward: Varies; see below

A series of quests that will take a while to complete, Waford Record is unlocked once you complete the events of Chapter 2 and return to Waford from Alabasta. Once you're home, head to Thunderhead Bluff in the southeast of Waford South. In the shadow of the bluff you'll find a Yoisa Sign, and beside it is a Yoisa.

This Yoisa is Madame Stonely, and she has a thing for ancient Tablets. She wants you to travel Waford and collect nine Tablets for her. The chances are excellent that you've already picked up several of these Tablets, allowing you to whip through chunks of this quest, though others will still be unaccounted for. Agreeing to help Madame Stonely will unlock the Waford Record line of Side Stories, each of which will direct you to a different part of Waford. Madame Stonely will reward you for each Tablet you bring back to her.

Waford Record 1

The first Tablet is the King Kong Garden Tablet. You'll find it by traveling along the King Kong Garden Trail until you're on the west side, and headed back north. Rather than taking the path that will send you to the spot where you fought a boss at the beginning of the game, check further west. You'll find a small clearing with a save point, a Yoisa sign, several items, and the Tablet.

You'll earn three Volcano Dragon Tails for giving the Tablet to Madame Stonely. You'll also earn 20,000 Berries from the Waford Record 1 Objective.

Waford Record 2

The second Tablet is the Forbidden Valley Tablet. You can find the valley by traveling north from the beach in Waford South, past the first save point, and then west when you hit a clearing. The thin path here will take you to the valley, which features a steep climb down to a small river. You'll find the Tablet at the bottom of the valley.

You'll earn five Jelly Rocks for giving the Tablet to Madame Stonely. You'll also earn a Bronze Bat Soup from the Waford Record 2 Objective.

Waford Record 3

The third Tablet is the Inland Sea Tablet. You'll find it by traveling to the Ring Inlet, in the far north of South Waford. Travel up to Lake Shore Cave, then check the path just south of the entrance for a branching path that leads around the western edge of the island. On the north side you'll find a grapple point that will send you to a smaller island, where you'll find the Tablet.

You'll earn five Cozy Beetles for giving the Tablet to Madame Stonely. You'll also earn a Sazae Kancho Pescatore from the Waford Record 3 Objective.

Waford Record 4

The fourth Tablet is the Thunder Tablet. Proceed into the ruins until you're just south of the room that originally contained the Thunder Colossus, as well as its huge barrier. If you take a right while heading down the corridor towards the colossus you'll find a side passage. The Tablet is sitting in the passage.

You'll earn three Sazae Kancho Ogre Livers for giving the Tablet to Madame Stonely. You'll also earn a Perfected Shabby Ball from the Waford Record 4 Objective.

Waford Record 5

The fifth and sixth Tablets are the Dust Tablets. They can both be found in the Dust Ruins:

  • The first Dust Tablet is in the Collapsed Corridor, just after the entrance area. Climb a ladder near the top of the Collapsed Corridor and you can grapple over to the Tablet.
  • The second Dust Tablet is right behind the colossus at the end of the ruins. You'll need to defeat the colossus, then make a return trip to its chamber, to retrieve the Tablet.
You'll earn three Shock Kabuto Meats for finding the two Dust Tablets. You'll also receive a Perfected Shabby Ball from the Waford Record 5 Objective.

Waford Record 6

The seventh and eighth Tablets are the Ice Block Tablets. They can both be found in the Ice Block Ruins:
  • The first Ice Block Tablet is found right after you freeze the ruins over for the first time. The Tablet is located on the first platform that you grapple to via icicles. Look on your right once you land.
  • The second Ice Block Tablet is found in the room just before you enter the Water Colossus's chamber. You can get at it by proceeding through the dungeon until you claim the Blue Key. This will allow you to open up a shortcut near the Third Control Room back to the antechamber, where you'll wind up right beside the Tablet. Make sure you grab it before you jump down to the ground or you'll need to loop back through the dungeon.
You'll receive three Rock Bear Arms and three Robin's Cube Fragments for finding the two Ice Block Tablets. You'll also receive two Super Burst Brews from the Waford Record 6 Objective.

Waford Record 7

The final tablet is the Sky Tower Tablet. You'll find it in Purity Garden Passage, inside the Sky Tower. Head to the lower area in the north, just before crossing into Purifying Bluff. You'll find a bunch of cubes on patrol. Check to the northwest and you'll discover a small side passage, protected by one cube. Beyond it is the Tablet.

You'll receive Stonely's Necklace and three Robin's Cube Fragments for locating the final tablet.

Main Walkthrough