Part 13: Defeat Crocodile - Alubarna Royal Mausoleum

Main Walkthrough

The party has finished up in Memoria for the time being, and that means jumping back to the real world. Adio is waiting, and he wants to speak to everyone about tackling the next colossus. First, though... party time! And a new mechanic!

Accessory Fusion

Upon returning to the real world the crew will unlock Robin's Ability to fuse accessories using her Fuse Field Skill. By Fusing accessories you transplant the abilities of one accessory onto a base. This makes the base accessory more powerful without increasing its size, effectively allowing you to equip far more than the normal number of accessories. You can perform Accessory Fusion via the oddball robot that appears from this point on whenever the team camps.

There are a few caveats to fusing accessories:

  • An accessory must have fusion slots to serve as a base. 
  • You can fuse a maximum of three accessories to a base accessory, depending on how many fusion slots it has. You also can't immediately fuse three accessories to a base accessory, as Robin's Fuse Skill needs to grow in strength over the course of the game.
  • You cannot fuse purple accessories onto other accessories. They only serve as bases. (And given that purple accessories are almost always more powerful than grey accessories, you wouldn't want to fuse them anyway.)
  • Fused accessory effects can be removed at Yoisa Shops. The base accessory will be returned to normal, while any fused accessories will be lost forever. (Hence why you wouldn't want to use purple accessories as components.)

Fuse accessories to your hearts' content, then party down and break up camp. If you check the map you'll notice that you can now Yoisa Travel around Waford, similar to Alabasta, though you'll need to activate a number of Yoisa Signs in places you've probably already visited. You're now meant to speak to Adio, west of his hut, though you should have a quick look around the island before you get to work. New things have opened up since you returned, and the new Field Skills acquired by your characters will allow you to hunt down some hidden items. (Sanji in particular gets a workout.)

As you explore you'll notice that there are new enemies as well as old. You still shouldn't have any trouble. Use these battles as an opportunity to test out your team's new Skills. You can get quite a bit of experience taking out these easy enemies.
  • Look just south of Adio's hut. You'll find a Wandering Clan's Journal on the ground, one of thirteen to collect. You'll find these scattered around Waford. North of his hut you'll find three Dogol Dragon Frozen Meats, courtesy of Sanji, and he can also track down three Slay King Dragon Maracas to the south of the hut.
  • Head north of the hut, towards the Lake Shore Cave. If you check near the locked, red chest on the east side of this area, north of the wide, sandy clearing, you'll find three Rock Bear Arms. Or, rather, Sanji will find them. He'll also find three Shogun Jishi Necks along the northern side of the clearing, and there are three Walrus Ice Shells at the base of the second pillar as you make your way back to the main path.
  • If you go around the west side of Lake Shore Cave, through a little pathway that only Chopper can use, you'll find a path to a small island with a Yoisa Sign on it. Here you'll find Madame Trade, a Yoisa who loves Yaya Cubes. She'll trade you items for any Yaya Cubes you pick up, triggering the Yaya Cube Collector series of Side Stories. Have Sanji check near the Yoisa Sign to find three Walrus Ice Shells before you leave.
  • Travel to the grounds surrounding Thunderhead Bluff, in the southeast of Waford South. In the shadow of the bluff, near a Yoisa Sign that you can activate, is Madame Stonely, a Yoisa. Speak to her and she'll ask you to find a series of tablets that are scattered around Waford, as part of the Waford Record series of Side Stories. The chances are good that you've already collected a few of these tablets earlier in the game, though she directs you first to King Kong Garden.
  • Head to the Forbidden Valley, in the southwest of South Waford. As you walk along the path towards the valley itself Sanji will alert you to three Shay King Dragon Maracas. Down in the valley he can also sniff out six Dogol Dragon Frozen Meats, in two different locations. Travel through the narrow cave on the north side of the valley and Sanji will also find three Rock Bear Arms, sitting near a locked, red chest.
  • Check down on the beach where the game began. On the west side of the beach you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment.

King Kong Garden, accessible via the cave on the west end of the southern beach, has a bunch of stuff to grab:
  • A Luffy's Cube Fragment, sitting at the base of a tree near the entrance. 
  • Zoro's Cube Fragment, near a waterfall along the eastern trail. 
  • A Luffy's Cube Fragment, attached to the shipwrecked vessel on th2e east side of the trail. Also here is a chest containing 28,000 Berries.
  • A Zoro's Cube Fragment, hidden beside a tree in the northwest of the western trail, just after you go up a climbing point.
  • Sanji's Cube Fragment, through a sort of rock window overlooking a huge nest along the western trail.
  • An Usopp's Cube Fragment, by a save point and a Yoisa Sign off the western trail. Near the Yoisa Sign you'll find chests containing Bedrock Salt Pasta and an Energy Apple, and behind the tree near the sign is a Sanji's Cube Fragment. Last, you'll find the King Kong Garden Tablet sitting across from the Yoisa Sign. 
  • An Usopp's Cube Fragment, at the very end of the trail, where you previously battled a boss.
That's all for Waford, at least for the moment. Heat back to Adio's hut and check to the west to find Adio. The group will have a conversation, and Adio will join up again as a guest. Head west across the bridge behind Adio, then check the wall on your right for a cave only Chopper can enter. Inside the first open area you'll find a Nami's Cube Fragment, as well as iron bars only Zoro can slice open. Inside you'll find a Yoisa Sign, a locked red chest, and a Yoisa named Madame Julie. She'll take a shine to Robin, triggering the Madame Julie's Pupil Side Story.

West of Madame Julie's tiny cave is your next destination, the Dust Ruins. Much easier to find than the last set of ruins, no?