Part 4: Head to Rainbase - Nanohana

Main Walkthrough

Reliving the Alabasta segment of their time together, the Straw Hats need to defeat Crocodile, one of their oldest foes, once more. This requires crossing a desert, which requires supplies, and the man who has the supplies won't supply them unless Sanji makes him some soup. You'll need to head to Desolate Valley to get the ingredients Sanji needs.

Head west out of Nanohana and through Exit to Desert to find a cave. On the other side of the cave you'll find the Desert Near Nanohana.

Desert Near Nanohana - Desolate Valley


  • Achisa - Weak to Technique
  • Ambling Stonecrop - Weak to Power
  • Black Brothers - Weak to Speed
  • Desert Bandit - Weakness varies
  • Lesser Brothers - Weak to Speed

All you need to do here for the moment is defeat one of the Lesser Brothers (the scorpions) ambling around the area. This will earn you a Scorpion Leg for Sanji. While fighting Lesser Brothers your battle may be interrupted by more powerful Black Brothers, which can inflict Bleed with their attacks. You're also at risk of Poison from all of the scorpions.

You can't go any deeper into the desert without supplies, so head back to Nanohana. Take the ingredients you've found to the cook in the Spice Bean and he'll tell you to speak to the owner, who now more or less operates as a campsite. Choose Craft, then Cook Food, and create a dose of Scorpion and Clam Soup. Present the soup to the cook to earn your supplies... as well as a bit of a surprise.

Head back to Desolate Valley once you have supplies. You can now explore at your leisure as you trek northward. There are some things to see along the way:

  • Wander along the west side of the desert and you'll find a side path that leads south. At the end you'll find a chest, guarded by a Lesser Brother, containing Banana Gator Pie.
  • A little ways north you'll find a campsite, and the game will bed you down for the night. You'll note that you can now have Sanji cook in camp, which can be handy if you need to whip up some restorative items in a pinch. Check a pot near the campsite for a Yaya Cube.
  • The path splits at the campsite, and you're meant to go northeast. If you head northwest instead you'll find a cave for Chopper to enter. On the other side you'll start running into Desert Bandits. On your right as you exit the cave is a Robin's Cube Fragment, behind a bush, and you can bust up a barrel behind the huge skeleton to find a Yaya Cube. At the other end of this path is a broken bridge that could be mended by Franky... if he was in the party. Alas.
Head northeast of the campsite when you're done looking around. You'll find a traveler ahead who will tell you about Trick Balls, which are offensive items that can be crafted by Usopp. Beyond him is a cave, and inside is a pot containing a Yaya Cube. There's also another traveler, who will advise you to get yourself a Navi Bird. You'll need it to travel through the Ravine of No Return, which is just ahead to the north. He suggests you head back to Nanohana to get one.

At this point you can immediately teleport back to Nanohana and begin your search. If you decide to walk back, though, look up above the traveler's head. There are stonework columns in this area that you can grapple along to reach a Zoro's Cube Fragment. You'll be coming back this way, so if you want to get this later by all means jump back to Nanohana first.

Part 6: Head to Rainbase - Ravine of No Return 

Main Walkthrough