Part 3: Retrieving Lost Strength - Thunderhead Ruins

Main Walkthrough

Lim's powers have been explained a little more thoroughly, and now the team is stuck in a place called Memoria, forged of their memories of the desert kingdom of Alabasta. In order to leave this place they need to defeat Crocodile, their old nemesis... and do so in a weakened state. Good luck?

From this point on the episodes in One Piece Odyssey will be split into Objectives. Each Objective will guide you through the story and point you, broadly, in the right direction. Completing Objectives will earn you rewards, as well, typically in the form of story details from the crew's past. Scroll to the Objectives submenu in the menu to claim your rewards.

Defeat Crocodile - Harbor Market

You'll start off in Nanohana's Harbor Market, more or less beside a save point. You're blocked from heading west out of the city, so you'll need to proceed east. There's the usual assortment of randomized items sitting around, and you will occasionally spot nests attached to the buildings that contain more items. You can shoot these down with Usopp's slingshot.

Start your investigation by speaking to the tall man wearing the green cap to the east of your starting point. You'll receive Grand Log: Alabasta, Part 1 for completing the Objective Gather information in Nanohana.

Head north through the city until you meet the Inn Proprietress. Speak to her, then check across the street from her inn to find a climbing point onto the rooftops. You'll find a chest containing a Small Drumstick. Down on the ground and a short walk north of here you'll find a crate containing a Yaya Cube. Unlike most randomized items in One Piece Odyssey Yaya Cubes always appear in the same breakable items, and are part of a collection quest that will span most of the game. (Though you won't trigger it until you've left Alabasta, which is going to be a little while.)

Head back south and speak to the Man Reading a Book, beside a camel. He will point you towards the Rainbase, where Crocodile's team of ne'er-do-wells is headquartered. You're going to be headed towards the Rainbase for quite a while.

Trek west. You can now leave Nanohana and visit the Western Lagoon, where the Straw Hats' old ship, the Going Merry, is docked. Look for a pot along the path to the Western Lagoon, tucked beside a building just as the path veers west, and you'll find a Yaya Cube inside. Check the dock and the Straw Hats will spy a fleet of Marine ships off the coast of Nanohana, blocking off a sea route to their destination. You'll need to seek out an alternate route by land.

Head to Rainbase - Harbor Market

Head north through Nanohana and you'll come across 'Collapsed Joe', a fallen man in the street. Chopper offers to help him out. Head to the gate blocking the rest of Nanohana and you'll find it still locked. Next to the gate is a merchant who will fill you in on some details, and point you... back the way you came.

Head back to the Going Merry and the Western Lagoon. There's a suspicious Royal Army Soldier on the far end of the beach, and he appears to be a crony of Baroque Works, Crocodile's organization. You'll need to beat him up (despite Usopp's deft handling of the situation) to retrieve the medicine he stole from the people of Nanohana. Speed attacks will do.

Trek back to the merchant. The crew will explain the situation, and he'll give them a General Store Special Energy Apple to 'cure' the sick man. Take the apple to Collapsed Joe and, fully restored, he'll give you a Gate Key. Take it to the Gatekeeper to open the path further north.

Head to Rainbase - Spice Bean Plaza

Spice Bean Plaza is a bit of an open area. The people you need to speak to are marked by red, but we'll have a quick look around first:

  • On the east side of the plaza is a muscular man named Marzin. He'll offer to act as a mediator for the party, giving them bounty hunting quests and then turning in the targets on the Straw Hats' behalf. Agree to his terms and you'll begin Mediator Marzin's Quest. You'll have to enter the Spice Bean, the nearby tavern, to accept bounties on Marzin's behalf. We'll look at Bounties more closely in another guide.
  • Next to Marzin is a general store that sells a wide range of items. You likely have a lot of money stored up by now, so if you need any items this is the place to spend your Berries.
  • Beside the general store is a set of stairs leading to a back alley. Here you'll meet the Kung Fu Dugongs, who will give you the Side Story Master and Student Showdown. It's very easy and will earn you some money, so you might as well do this now.
  • On the west side of the plaza you'll find a path out of the city. Branching south from this road is a shady side street. Take your first left as you enter the area and you'll find a chest containing Ms. Goldweek's Palatte. Walk all the way to the end of the street and you'll find a chest containing Bedrock Salt Pasta. There's a barrel sitting on a porch on your right containing a Yaya Cube, and a pot further down the street has another Yaya Cube.
  • Before you enter the desert in the west you'll find an open area with more people. Behind a wagon on the south side of this area is a chest containing more Bedrock Salt Pasta. Also here are three Sailors, and if you admit to being the Straw Hat Pirates they'll attack. Two of the Sailors are Speed types, while one is Power. They won't give you much trouble.
  • Northwest of the Spice Bean is a Fake Alabasta Guard in front of a gate. He'll realize who the Straw Hats are and attack. He's a Speed type of little power.
  • In the alleyway behind the Spice Bean is a chest containing a Sea Cat's Scale.
  • Atop the sign out front of the Spice Bean is a Robin's Cube Fragment. You'll need Luffy to grab it.
  • The eastern road out of the plaza leads to a few closed gates that won't open just yet. Along the path to the east is a barrel on a porch that contains a Yaya Cube. If you run all the way east you'll find a wagon with a Luffy's Cube Fragment inside it. Up the nearby stairs you'll find a locked chest accessible only by Chopper. Come back later when you can open it.

All that leaves the Spice Bean itself, which the two important NPCs in the plaza will point you towards. Save up out front and head inside. The Bounty Board for Marzin's quest is in here, as is the proprietor of the tavern, behind the bar. Finding him will complete the Reach the Spice Bean Objective and earn you Grand Log: Alabasta, Part 2. Speak to the owner and he'll point you to his chef, Cook Krin. He'll agree to give the team supplies... so long as Sanji can whip up a tasty soup that will satisfy Krin's palate.

At this point you'll be whisked off to the Western Lagoon and given a quick tutorial on Sanji's Cook's Nose Skill. Put him in front of the party and he can detect ingredients on the ground. In this case he needs to find some Sandy Shells, which are sitting on the other side of the beach. Next you'll need to track down some Scorpion Tails, which won't be nearly as easy to find. You'll need to make a trip west to find some.

Main Walkthrough