Part 2: Retrieving Lost Strength - Lake Shore Cave

Main Walkthrough

Thunderhead Bluff


  • Bronze Bat - Weak to Power
  • Death Squirrel - Weak to Technique
  • Eisa - Weak to Technique

Follow Adio south out of his camp. He'll wind up leading you to a new location called Thunderhead Bluff. The enemies hereabouts are pretty familiar to you, and should be easy to take down by now. Before you trek all the way to your next destination, though, make a quick stop back at the beach in the south. Check the pond to the east of the save point between the forest and the beach and you'll find an Usopp's Cube Fragment. Luffy will need to grab it.

Adio will climb a hill next to a huge, stone structure. Take a right rather than a left and you'll see a Luffy's Cube Fragment sitting at the base of the structure. Around the corner to the left of the fragment is a chest containing a Mighty Excite Apple. Grab both, then follow Adio up the hill.

This next section will have you grappling along broken stone. Before you start climbing, though, check the left side of the nearest column for a Chopper's Cube Fragment. Make your way up the stonework until you see a Bronze Bat on your left. Check the path near it to find a chest containing an Energy Apple.

Adio is dead ahead. The cut scene that follows will get you into your next destination, Thunderhead Ruins, and Adio will join the party to help out again.

Thunderhead Ruins


  • Bronze Bat - Weak to Power
  • Eisa - Weak to Technique
  • Shock Kabuto - Weak to Speed
  • Smiley Squirrel - Weak to Technique

Back to dungeon crawling. You'll start running into Wild enemies at random down here, so be ready for slightly tougher battles. Start your explorations by looking above your head at the entrance, where you'll find a grapple point. Zip up here and you'll find a few randomized items along with a chest. The chest contains an HP +130 Badge. Next, zip across from the entrance to the first platform. There's a Robin's Cube Fragment behind the grapple point on the ceiling.

Zip your way down to the lowest level in this chamber. If you look across the water you can bust up pottery using Luffy to retrieve a random item. There are more such items spread throughout this area, usually in pots, so keep your eyes open for them. Head down the stairs at the bottom when you're done looking around.

The team will find a device that generates lightning, from the looks of it. Follow the line of energy away from the device and down the nearby stairs, busting pots along the way. You'll come to a device that redirects electricity to a pair of doors. Hit the button on the device twice to open up both doors simultaneously. 

Go through the northern door first and you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment, as well as a gap in the left wall that's made for Chopper. On the other side you'll come to a chamber with a chest containing Fire Element Jewelry, a handy accessory that adds Fire to the character's attacks. Use Luffy to cross the gap in the room and you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment on the other side, as well as another pathway for Chopper. This path will take you to grapple points leading to the main pathway, negating the need to backtrack. Continue down the stairs.


In the next chamber you'll find two devices for opening doors, as well as two doors, one of which is currently open. Inside the open door you'll find a Wild Shock Kabuto that's guarding a chest. Inside the chest is an ATK +87 Badge.

Head back to the room with the two devices. Manipulate the southern device so it's sending electricity north, then trigger the northern device so it sends electricity into the northern door. One push on each will do the trick. This will open the path to something of great interest to the north - though before you go that way, heed Robin and take a right. You'll find a Thunder Tablet in the adjacent hallway, and in the next chamber you'll find a chest containing Golden Jelly.

In the north you'll find a save point, and across from it is a chest containing a Guts +42 Badge. Further north is an enormous energy field that is protecting the Thunder Colossus your team is hunting. You'll need to shut down machines on both sides of the room to get at the thing.

To the west you'll find a chest containing an Energy Apple on the ground floor, as well as a ladder. The ladder leads up to a device that is powering the energy field. Trigger the button so it's powering the door to your left and the door up the wall to the north. This will open both doors and deprive the energy field of electricity.

Enter the door on your left. In the next chamber over you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment on the lower floor. Climb the wall in the northwest corner of the chamber and you can grapple to the door in the northwest. This will take you out to another device, as well as a chest containing Golden Jelly. Trigger the device once to redirect energy away from the protective barrier.

Return to the entrance of the barrier chamber and check out the east side of the room. There's a hole in the wall that Chopper can enter to access some smaller chambers. At the end of the path you'll find a wall that you can climb to get at another device. Snag the Zoro's Cube Fragment beside the climbing point, then head up. Shimmy gradually left as you climb and you can hop down beside the device. Pop open the chest near the balcony for an Excite Apple, then trigger the device once to halt the flow of electricity.

Look above the device you just redirected to snag a Chopper's Cube Fragment and an Usopp's Cube Fragment, then head south. You'll be above the hole you entered earlier with Chopper. Grab the Sanji's Cube Fragment on your left before you hop down a level. You'll find the final device when you land, and a single push will deactivate it. 

That's that! You can now take on the Colossus. Head back south to save, if you wish, then press on against your stony foe.

Thunder Colossus

Weakness: Power

Pretty easy fight, which is no surprise since it's your first boss. (First unscripted boss, anyway.) The Thunder Colossus will hit one or more characters with lightning, which does very little to Luffy - though its attacks can still paralyze him if you're unlucky. Put him out front and have him wallop the thing. Throwing in Chopper and Sanji will make the fight even shorter. Adio will keep your party healed. Finish the Colossus off with Luffy for an extra boost of experience.

You'll earn the Thunder Colossus Core, the Thunder Colossus's Record Cube, and the Thunder Colossus's Power for defeating the Thunder Colossus. The Straw Hats will receive a hearty dose of cubes for defeating the Thunder Colossus, and Adio will reveal the extent of his abilities. You'll also spot an incoming ship, and it's crewed by familiar - but not entirely friendly - faces...

Regain Strength

Your next destination is Adio's hut, way back in the north of Waford South. Before you head back way, though, you might want to make a little side trip. If you head back to the beach in the south you'll find a branching path that leads west, just before you hit the southern save point. This leads to the Forbidden Valley, a small area with some familiar enemies. There are a few things to gather here:

  • Though you can't open it now, there's a red chest on the way down into the valley. Come back here once you have the right key.
  • At the bottom of the valley is a waterfall. In front of it is the Forbidden Valley Tablet. Also near it, on a rock that only Luffy can reach, is a Sanji's Cube Fragment.
  • On the west side of the valley are a series of caves only Chopper can enter. These also lead to a locked red chest to keep in mind for later.

Head back to Adio's hut. Shoving the cubes back into the pirates doesn't work, and Adio suggests speaking to Lim for guidance. You'll find her north of Adio's hut, on a spacious beach on the east side of the area. Hop over to watch a cut scene that will end the quest and begin the next, restoring the teams' power... and sending them more or less through time.