Part 11: Stop Crocodile's Plans - Desert Near Alubarna

Main Walkthrough


  • Fake Alabasta Soldier - Weakness varies
  • Fake Rebel Soldier - Weakness varies

The capital city of Alabasta has seen better days, and when the Straw Hats arrive in Alubarna they find a war zone. Activate the Yoisa Sign by the entrance of Alubarna, claim Grand Log: Alabasta, Part 5 for competing the Reach Alabasta Objective, and set off into the city. There are Fake Alabasta Soldiers prowling the streets who will attack you on sight, so be ready to battle.

Check the side streets to your left to get around the intial few barricades. You'll find five Sandy Shells just before heading north into the alleyways if you deploy Sanji. There are a few Fake Alabasta Soldiers prowling the alleys, and along the northern-most street you'll find a Sanji's Cube Fragment on the side of the road. Check the northern walls near the fragment and you'll also find a climb point. At the top is a chest containing Koza's Sunglasses. Five Sazae Kancho Livers are hidden near the climb point if you send out Sanji.

Head back to the main street and head north. Aside from enemies there are two things to see before you reach the gate at the far end of the street:

  • On the east side of the street is a General Store. Stock up here if you're low on restorative goods.
  • On the west side of the street is a tavern called the Mountain Dog. This serves as a campsite if you feel like partying during these dour times. There's also a Bounty Board here, if you haven't been keeping up with your Bounty Hunts, though you can't access the majority of the targets until you've finished up in Alabasta.
  • Also on the west side of the street, just south of the tavern, is a crate containing a Yaya Cube.
Save, then storm the gates and wipe out the contingent of Fake Alabasta Guards in your way. You'll have to take down ten of them, all of whom are Speed or Technique fighters. Nami and Usopp will do best here, while Zoro should be sidelined. You'll earn a Millions' Power for wiping out the guards.

Market District

After getting your first good look at Crocodile you'll find your way into the Market District. This area is much larger and more sprawling than the entrance, though barricades and warring soldiers will guide you along a fairly linear path.

Start by heading west. You can't go all the way west, thanks to a line of rebels and soldiers, but you can dip down a northern street. At the end of it is a closed gate that you can't pass. Near the gate you'll find a chest containing a DEF +107 Necklace. You'll need to take the long way around to go any further west, so you'd best head back east.

On the side of the road you'll find another General Store, though this one is currently abandoned. Inside you'll find a chest containing an HP +220 Necklace. Head north and you'll hit a sizable barricade. You can either jump up onto a ledge on the left and go around the barricade, or go under it as Chopper. The gate ahead is again closed, forcing you to head east, then north.

As the path swings west you'll see three soldiers surrounding another, weapons poised, up some stairs to the north. Look near the group for a chest containing a Small Drumstick. Head west down the street and you'll see the other side of a gate you passed earlier on your left. Check behind the cart near the gate to find a Luffy's Cube Fragment.

At this point you're meant to head towards the palace to the north, but you can continue west and check out the areas that were blocked earlier. As you head south you'll find a chest on the side of the road containing a Banana Gator Pie, and once you reach Lovely Spring Plaza you can find an Usopp's Cube Fragment. It's sitting on the balcony of a yellow building, near the line of rebels and soldiers that prevent you from returning to Alubarna's entrance. Next to the stairs leading into the plaza you'll find a crate containing a Yaya Cube, and check up stairs near the fountain in the middle of this area to find a chest containing Sazae Kanzo Pescatore.

Make your way back north and head towards the palace. On your left as you climb the steps you'll see a pot containing a Yaya Cube. Keep climbing and you'll run into a heap of Baroque Works agents, all of whom you've fought before, and all of whom want revenge. Despite the dramatic music this fight isn't much different from normal battles, and you'll largely be facing melee attacks. Your Power fighters will have a bit easier of a time surviving a pummeling.

Activate the nearby Yoisa Sign once you've cleared out the Baroque Works pests, then head into the courtyard in front of the castle. Luffy and Zoro will dramatically save Vivi from a horrible death... though this also removes them from your party. You can get them back immediately by heading to the bottom of the stairs leading into the palace, and you should, since you won't have any Technique fighters with Zoro gone. You can claim Grand Log: Alabasta, Part 6 from the Reach the Palace Square Objective at this point.

You'll next need to head to the Clock Tower. Before you leave the area, check the line of buildings to the west of the palace to find a Sanji's Cube Fragment, behind some pillars and hidden by stacks of wood. Ignore everything else to the west of the palace - you'll get there soon - and head south. Before you can get far you'll run into another face that should be familiar to long-time One Piece fans, and they want to scrap.

Bon Clay


  • Power (Bon Clay, Baroque Works Billions B, C, D, E, F)
  • Speed (Hairy Man Disguised as Royal Soldier, Scruffy Man Disguised as Royal Soldier, Baroque Works Billions A)

Love the outfit. Bon Clay is a melee fighter, and will use two different moves: A normal attack, then Swan Bombardier Arabesque. If they hit someone who is weak to Speed attacks you might be in trouble, and Bon Clay attacks often enough that they eventually will. The assorted goons stick to their usual attacks, either melee or at a range. Most of the mooks have guns, allowing them to shoot at you without changing areas, which can be a pain.

Everyone in this fight is at a minimum neutral to Speed damage, making this a natural fit for Nami's Thunderbolt Tempo. Position her near some Technique attackers to downplay the damage she'll take. Your Power and Speed attackers can then sweep up everyone who survived Nami's initial strike. Give Bon Clay a Power attacker that he can hit for minimal damage, then swap everyone to attacking him once everyone else is off the field. Bon Clay hits hard and has high defenses, but he can't last too long against the combined power of Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper. Finish Bon Clay off with Sanji for additional experience.

You'll receive the Baroque Works Billions' Record Cube and Bon Clay's Power for defeating Bon Clay and his cronies. The Straw Hats will prevent a tragedy, and you'll have a new destination: The Royal Mausoleum, in the west of Alubarna.

Part 13: Defeat Crocodile - Alubarna Royal Mausoleum

Main Walkthrough