One of the more involved side quests in Chained Echoes, For the Love of Food has a number of requirements before it will present itself. It's worth the effort, however, as you can recruit another party member by completing this quest, and she's a solid addition to the cast. The requirements for unlocking For the Love of Food are as follows:
Tomke's presence in the party will trigger the arrival of Mikah, his granddaughter. She's impulsive and impatient, and will take off on her own. The party needs to follow her.

Mikah will run off to the Ograne Grottos, specifically to the waterfall entrance in the north of Rohlan Fields. You'll need to suit up in Sky Armor to pursue her. If you haven't entered the Ograne Grottos before you can use this guide to get around. If you have entered the grottos before, you can jump to the central Fast Travel Crystal and skip a bunch of dungeon crawling.

Head northwest from the Fast Travel Crystal. At the end of the path, two screens over, you'll find Mikah. Tomke will do something stupid, and Mikah will... well, watch for yourselves. Suffice it to say that you now need to track down the Megaloworm, a massive beast that travels throughout Valandis, before you can recruit Mikah.

Travel to Rockbottom, on the east side of the Kortara Mountain Range. Pop inside the town's largest building, right next to the Fast Travel Crystal, and head up to the third floor, where a surly innkeeper waits for customers. To the right of the innkeeper is a miner, and he'll outline a plan for dealing with the Megaloworm.

Fast Travel to the southern-most Fast Travel Crystal in the Kortara Mountain Range, hop in your Sky Armor, and fly north. The ambush point for the massive sandworm is in the central area, in a clearing, and... things will not quite go as expected.


  • Antibody - Drops Meal
You appear to be inside the Megaloworm. Great. Tomke and Mikah will make up, and then Mikah will run off again. Pop open the chest near the landing point to find three Angel Wings, then pursue the reckless adventurer north. (Although technically Mikah is now in your party, so you can level her up and use her in battles if you like. She tends towards physical combat.)

In the next chamber you'll find four Meals, and beyond that a battle with three Antibodies. These squishy beasts aren't particularly dangerous, despite their high HP, and will drop Meals to boot. East of here you'll find swampy water, and if you slide down into the water you can travel through it via a bubbling passage. It appears as a spotlight in the water, east of the ramp in and out of the goo. Keep tapping the button while moving around the spotlight to travel.

In the north of the watery chamber is a fungal growth. Interact with it, then climb back into the water and backtrack to the west. Your interaction will have opened a passage leading north. Follow the path further north, over an eastern jump, until you're prompted to get back in the water. Ignore the ramp for a moment and head south. On your right you'll see a thin passage leading east. Travel down it to find a red chest containing a Cestus for Mikah.

Head back to the water and hop in. There are two more bubbling travel points in this pool. The northern bubbles will pop you out near an Amber Crystal, as well as another fungal growth. Trigger the fungus, then head back to the first pool and try the southern bubbles this time. To the north you'll find another passage that you've opened up.

Further north you'll come to three series of handholds up a steep cliff wall.
  • The central handholds will take you up to a red chest containing Leather Gear.
  • The handholds on the right will take you to a battle with five Antibodies. They're guarding another fungal growth that you should activate.,
  • The handholds on the left will take you to an Amber Crystal, as well as a battle with five more Antibodies. East of them is a chest containing five Rayon Fibers.

The left and right sets of handholds connect with one another, so go up the central handholds first, then the right. You can then drop down to the left set, grab the treasure chest, and head back west. Triggering the fungal growth opens a passage to the northwest, and beyond it you'll enjoy a happy - if bizarre - reunion, as the quest comes to a close.

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