Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Rue's level 3 friendship

Reward: None

The mayor's daughter is dedicated to her gardening, and in order to help her out further with her garden you'll need to develop your relationship with Rue a little further. Rue remains elusive, and aside from cooking and gardening at her house she'll wander all over Moonbury. Your best choice for tracking her down is always going to be your dog.

Once you've maxed out the third level of your relationship with Rue she'll post a note on the Bulletin Boards around town, asking you to check on the seeds you've been growing together. You can proceed to Rue's house between 7:00 and 15:00 on any day of the week to trigger the cut scene.

Rue is happy with your joint handiwork, and confesses that she plans to give the flowers to her mom and dad. There's just one catch: She wants a pretty container, such as a vase, to display the flowers. Reyner can make a vase for you, but you'll need to deliver some materials from the Barren Wastelands before he can get to work:
  • Ten Savoury-Tasting Saps. Savoury-Tasting Sap drops out of the larger trees in Barren Wasteland.
  • Ten Dark Crystals. Dark Crystals drop from defeated Koblin Generals. You can find them in the southern half of Barren Wasteland.
  • Ten Gold Nuggets. Gold Nuggets can be mined from the smaller rocks in Barren Wasteland. (You can also get them in Glaze Iceberg, but you might as well stick to Barren Wasteland.)

Give Reyner the materials you've gathered and he'll tell you to drop by the Bulk and Build between 8:00 and 15:00 the next day. Do so and you'll meet up with Rue, and the scene will play out happily. This will unlock the next level of your relationship with Rue, putting you in romance distance with the young woman.