Prerequisites: Complete Clearing the Landslide 

Reward: Approval Badge 3

Unlocks: --

Once you've completed Clearing the Landslide and gained access to the remainder of Meadow Range you'll be able to travel both north and south. If you go north you'll find your way to Glaze Iceberg, a wintery wonderland with tons to see and do. If you go south, however, you'll eventually come to Barren Wasteland, a craggy land that's currently blocked by a geyser. Checking it out will unlock Second Badge Promotion.

In order to go any further - and complete this quest - you'll first need to deal with Glaze Iceberg. Doing a bunch of missions in Glaze Iceberg will eventually allow you to clean up a section of the area in Cold Residue. Doing this will allow you to participate in The Second Chemistry Test, and completing that quest will earn you a Letter of Recommendation.

Take the Letter of Recommendation to Myer, likely in Town Hall. He wants a Letter of Recommendation before he'll approve any forays into the Barren Wasteland. (He'll also advise you upgrade your tools at Hearts and Sparks, which is a good idea.) Hunt him down again and give him the Letter of Recommendation to receive Approval Badge 3, which will allow you to enter Barrel Wasteland...

... once you deal with the geyser. Bubble and Forrest recommend you speak to Yorn, and they give you a Broken Pipe to show him. Take the Broken Pipe to Yorn in the Tavern and he'll redirect you to Olive, the owner of the Bathhouse that's north of your home. She's usually behind the main desk of the Bathhouse. Speak to Olive and she'll give you a Pipes Manual to give to Yorn. Yorn, at last, will give you a list of materials to collect:
  • Ten Silver Nuggets. You can collect Silver Nuggets from the larger rocks in Meadow Range or the smaller rocks on Glaze Iceberg.
  • Five Sour-Tasting Saps. Sour-Tasting Sap drops out of the red trees in Meadow Range or the orange trees on Glaze Iceberg.

Take the materials to Yorn, then come back to the Tavern the next day, between 8:00 and 20:00. Yorn will give you a Heat Resistant Pipe. Take this to the geyser and check the machine on your side of the broken bridge. You can now repair it... for the steep price of 5,000 G, 2,000 Wood, and 1,575 Rocks. Yikes. Still, once you've collected all that you'll pave the way into Barren Wasteland, a new area filled with tons of powerful materials for your Potions.