Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Cold Residue / A Plumbing Problem

Reward: None

Unlocks: Blacksmith Upgrade 2

(Note: The first time this quest appeared for me was after completing Cold Residue, but it seems more obvious for Improving the Anvil to appear after gaining access to Barren Wasteland. Possibly a bug?)

Once you've restored some of the biodiversity on Glaze Iceberg by completing Cold Residue you'll find a notice on the Bulletin Boards in Moonbury. It's from Derrek to Opalheart, and he wants her to work on the Police Department's equipment. You can watch the conversation from Monday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00.

Visit Hearts and Sparks Shop and you'll witness the conversation. Opalheart can help, but she needs a new anvil first, and requires supplies to fashion one. That requires making a trip to the Barren Wasteland, the third explorable area of Potion Permit. You'll need Approval Badge 3 to open the way to the Wasteland, which requires completing Second Badge Promotion / A Plumbing Problem. You'll also need to repair the path to the Wasteland, which requires 5,000 G, 2,000 Wood, and 1,575 Rocks.

You need the following ingredients to complete this quest:
  • Five pieces of Moonite. Moonite can found in the large heaps of rock located throughout the Barren Wasteland.
  • Ten Gold Nuggets. Gold Nuggets can be found in the smaller rocks in Barren Wasteland. There's also a good chance you picked some up from the larger rocks in Glaze Iceberg.

Take everything to Opalheart once you're done in Barren Wasteland. She spends most of her time in the Hearts and Sparks Shop, if you're having trouble tracking her down. Her and Runeheart will repair her primary anvil to Blacksmith Upgrade 2, thereafter allowing you to upgrade your tools to Mythril quality. They don't get any better than this.