Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Fixing the Cable Car

Reward: Moon Cloves

Unlocks: The Second Chemistry Test

In order to unlock this quest you must first gain access to Glaze Iceberg, which requires not only acquiring Approval Badge 2 but getting all the resources needed to fix the cable car. Once you can explore Glaze Iceberg you'll find the trigger for this quest in the far north of Glaze Iceberg, not far from the North of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point.

You'll come across another steaming pit of questionable chemicals, and Bubble will wander up to give you some details - though she doesn't know everything. Bubble suggests you speak to Osman, the Police Chief of Moonbury Town. Osman's House is just south of yours in Moonbury, if you can catch him early, though if not he moves all over the town while on patrol. Having your dog find him is probably the best solution.

Osman has a solution... presumably... though it's locked in his father's old cabinet in the Police Station, and he doesn't have the key. Head to Bulk and Build, on the west side of Moonbury Town, between 8:00 and 15:00. Reyner, the owner of Bulk and Build, can get the cabinet open - but he needs some materials first.
  • First up are five Gold Nuggets. You'll find Gold Nuggets in the larger rocks that are sparsely littered around Glaze Iceberg. This part can take a while, since the rocks you need to break open are on the rarer side.
  • Second are five Timber Fruits. You can collect Timber Fruits from Blossom Shooters, the seedpod-looking creatures that fire pellets at you. These also live in Glaze Iceberg.
Take these items to Reyner and he'll agree to make a key for you. Head to bed and Reyner will give you the Cabinet Key the next morning. Bring it to Osman, wherever he may be, and he'll unlock the cabinet for you. The resulting Recipe requires a visit to the Research Bench.

The Potion you need to create is called White Breeze. The template has 18 squares to fill, making the crafting process a bit tricky. To complicate matters, you can only use Water and Earth materials to get the job done. You'll need to upgrade your Cauldron to level 2 before you can fulfill the request, as five materials just isn't enough to make the White Breeze. You can upgrade the Cauldron at the Hearts and Sparks Shop.

Here are some ingredients you can use to create the White Breeze once you've upgraded your Cauldron:
  • Lavender will fill in the gap on the right side of the template. You can find Lavender in the southeast of Meadow Range.
  • Some Rainbow Dew will fill a chunk of the gap beside the Lavender at the bottom of the template. Rainbow Dew is found near the South of Meadow Range Fast Travel point.
  • Two Savage Manes can fill in the middle of the template, top to bottom. They're dropped by Bonemasks, which populate much of Meadow Range.
  • Last, you'll need to use any kind of Sap to fill in the two remaining gaps on the left side of the template. Chop down trees to get the Sap you need.
Take the White Breeze to Osman. The pair of you will jump to Glaze Iceberg, and the White Breeze will get rid of the pollutants, ending the quest. Slice up the plants that grow in the aftermath to receive Yggdrasil.

Head home. Have a sleep and the next day Moira will show up to give you your next quest, The Second Chemistry Test.