Prerequisites: Complete First Badge Promotion

Reward: Metal Cogs


In order to unlock Fixing the Cable Car you first need to finish up First Badge Promotion, which itself requires completing The First Chemistry Test. Doing all that will have brought you up to the broken cable car in the far northwest of Meadow Range, so you know where to go once you have Approval Badge 2.

Bubble and Forrest will meet you by the cable car, and they're happy to help you repair the thing - though they don't seem to know how. Your chemist has an idea, fortunately, and it involves Opalheart, the legendary blacksmith of Moonbury Town. Deliver the Broken Cogs you received to the Hearts and Sparks Shop in western Moonbury, or just try to track Opalheart down in the streets. She wanders around a lot, but seems to like the park to the south of her store.

Opalheart and Runeheart come to the conclusion that they'll need Lucke's help getting the job done. Take the Old Cable Car Blueprints and the Broken Cogs to Lucke. He's typically around the Farmhouse in the north of Moonbury, though he'll not-infrequently head south into town to sit on the benches or talk to people. After a longer-than-average cut scene he'll give you a New Cable Car Blueprint.

Take the Blueprint back to Opalheart and she'll task you with picking up some materials to make a new cog for the cable car:
  • First up are ten Copper Nuggets. You'll find these by busting up the beige-white rocks in the Heart of the Meadow Range and beyond. (Basically any section beyond the landslide that you cleared earlier in the game.)
  • Second are ten Silver Nuggets. These also pop out of rocks, though you'll need to bash the larger, silver-flecked rock formations to get these. They're a bit rarer than the Copper Nugget rocks, so unless you've already been collecting Silver Nuggets you'll need to make a few trips to collect ten.
Take these items back to Opalheart and she'll give you the Metal Cogs you need to fix up the cable car. This will end the quest.. but your job isn't complete yet. Make a trip back to the cable car and you'll find that you need a great deal more material to fix it up completely - namely, 3,000 G, 675 Wood, and 525 Rocks. It'll take a while to gather all these resources.

Rather than dropping all your cash and items on fixing up the cable car, you may want to consider upgrading your tools to Iron level at the Hearts and Sparks Shop. Not only will it make getting the items for repairing the cable car quicker, you'll be ready to go when you finally do gain access to Glaze Iceberg. The natural resources you'll be chopping up take quite a toll on your Stamina if you're still working with rusty tools.

Once you've fixed up the cable car you can use it to cross to Glaze Iceberg, which comprises the northwest section of Moonbury Island.