Prerequisites: Complete First Badge Promotion (unverified)

Reward: 2 Moon Cloves, 2 Milks

Unlocks: --

(Note: I'm not 100% sure if you need to complete First Badge Promotion or not to unlock this quest, though it seems likely given when it popped up.)

Once you've completed First Badge Promotion and acquired Approval Badge 2 you'll find new opportunities waiting for you, and one of the first is at the Farmhouse. Pay the farm a visit - it's in the north of Moonbury Town - and Garret, the grumpy owner, will complain that his hay has become infested with maggots. He needs a chemist to brew up something that will rid him of the things.

Head back home and use the Research Bench to puzzle out a recipe for Maggot Removal. Maggot Removal requires sixteen blocks to fill in its template, and its shape makes this task a little challenging if you haven't upgraded your Cauldron to allow for more ingredients. You also can't use Wind materials, which is always a bit of a pain. Here are some suggested materials for filling in the template:
  • A Rigid Pelt will fill in the left side of the template. You can acquire these by killing Pangols in the outer areas of Meadow Range.
  • Some Copper Ore will fill in the space just above the tough hide thing on the left side of the template. Bust rocks past the Heart of Meadow Range.
  • A Savage Mane will fill the gap on the right side of the template. Bonemasks drop these. They populate the outer edges of Meadow Range.
  • A Bear's Claw can line the three-square section near the top of the template. Honeypaws will drop Bear's Claws early in Meadow Range.
  • A Silver Ore or a Basil can fill in the final segment right at the top. You'll come across Silver Ore while mining for Copper Ore, and the Basil is found early in Meadow Range.

Take the Maggot Removal to Garret - he's usually found in or around the Farmhouse - to complete the quest and receive your prize.

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