Prerequisites: Complete Clearing the Landslide 

Reward: Approval Badge 2

Before you can trigger this quest you need to access the blocked sections of Meadow Range. Finish up Clearing the Landslide, then actually clear the landslide with 1,500 G, 225 Wood, and 175 Rocks. This will allow you to explore the northern sections of Meadow Range. Follow the path northwest through here and you'll come to the entrance of Glaze Iceberg...

... which is, alas, currently blocked. The cable car into the region is broken, and needs repairing. Bubble and Forrest show up and explain that you'll need the second Approval Badge. Speak to Myer and he'll tell you that a Letter of Recommendation from the Medical Association will convince him to upgrade your Approval Badge.

In order to score a Letter of Recommendation you need to complete The First Chemistry Test, which gets unlocked when you clean up two other messes in the north and south of Meadow Range. Complete that quest and Collin will bring you the Letter of Recommendation the next day, after you've had a snooze. Take the Letter to Myer and he'll give you Approval Badge 2 on the spot.

Head back to the broken cable car. Moonbury's ranger team is waiting again, and they'll have a new quest: Fixing the Cable Car. Get this done and you can access another new area of Moonbury Island.