Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Getting to Know You, visit Meadow Range

Reward: Steel Fishing Net

Unlocks: Unknown Residue, Community Board

Once you've completed Getting to Know You the Clinic will start receiving patients. Once that happens you'll need access to additional ingredients to keep up with the illnesses, and the next quest will help you in that regard. Head to Meadow Range and travel east until you hit a cut scene with Forrest and Bubble, the two rangers of Moonbury. They'll point out that a landslide has cut off much of the island, and they suggest looking for someone to help clear the debris out of the way.

Check in at Lazy Bowl Tavern. The patrons will gossip about the greatness of the fishing nets made by the Primerose Sail, the fishing store docked off the northwest beach outside Moonbury Town. Head there a bit later in the day and you'll find Leano, the owner, fishing off the dock. She'll give you a Basic Fishing Rod and three Worms. Head into the store and she'll confess that they're out of nets, then send you do to speak to Ottmar, who makes the nets.

Ottmar offers to trade his last net for three Honey, five Basils, and five Mushrooms. You can find all three items in Meadow Range:
  • The Honey is dropped by Honeypaws, the big bears that lumber around Meadow Range. They're the most dangerous enemies in the game so far, but they're still not that big of a deal. Just keep swiping and watch your health. They typically roam in the eastern sections, away from the entrance.
  • Basil is found to the north of the road you're trying to clear in Meadow Range. There's a clearing filled with orange-tipped, green bushes. Slice these down for the Basil.
  • Mushrooms are located all over Meadow Range. Wander around looking for the Honey and Basil and you'll run into Mushrooms along the way.

Return to Ottmar once you have everything. He tends to hang out near the Primrose Sail during the day, though he will move into town when not working. You can always wait in the Primrose Sail until nightfall to catch him. In exchange for the items he wanted Ottmar will give you his Steel Fishing Net.

Head home after procuring the Steel Fishing Net. Collin, one of the Medical Association employees, will show up and install a Post Drop Box in front of your home. This will allow you to sell excess Potions to the Medical Association. Have them in the box by 17:00 each day for pickup. Very handy.

Clearing the Landslide

Though you technically did finish the quest, you have yet to actually remove the landslide. Head back to Meadow Range with the Net in your inventory and approach the rocks. You'll see that you need a few more things to get rid of the obstruction:
  • 1,500 G, which you can get a number of different ways
  • 225 Wood, gathered by chopping down trees
  • 175 Rocks, gathered by bashing boulders to pieces
The Rocks take the most amount of effort, given how few you get each time you destroy a boulder. Go after the mossy boulders deeper into Meadow Range for the best results per boulder.

Inspect the landslide once you have everything you need and you can order Bubble and Forrest to clear the debris away. This will grant you access to the eastern and southern portions of Meadow Range. Explore in the south of of Meadow Range to locate your next quest, Unknown Residue. This will also unlock the Community Board, where you can take requests from the citizens of Moonbury.