Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Myer's Daughter, go to bed

Reward: Approval Badge 1

Once you've cured Rue in Myer's Daughter the Mayor will show up and congratulate you on your good work. Head to bed once he leaves and, in the morning, you'll be ushered off to Town Hall to meet with familiar officials from the Medical Association. Sounds like you're going to be living in Moonbury Town for a while. (As if that was a surprise.)

Your next task is to become familiar with the people in Moonbury Town. Previously they didn't like you all that much, but curing Rue gives you space to get to know them in greater detail. Your current reputation in town is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, and so long as you're in the green you can communicate with Moonbury's populace. Fail in your tasks, however, and you'll go into the red, at which point no one will want to speak with you - at least until you prove yourself to be a good chemist once again.

Getting to Know You requires you to introduce yourself to ten of Moonbury's residents. They wander around a lot and their schedule can change from one day to the next, so tracking them down predictably can be a little difficult. Here's a list of people you can meet, as well as places you can generally find them. 
  • Bubble - One of Moonbury's rangers, alongside Forrester. You'll usually find her outside Forrest's House or at the Ranger Post in the southeast of Moonbury.
  • Cassandra - The co-owner of the Willow Waters Bathhouse, in the northeast of Moonbury. She's also Osman's wife, so if you're having trouble finding her you can follow him around until they meet up.
  • Dan - A... pirate? Dev's split personality, and technically another person. You'll see Dan either at his house in southwest Moonbury or at the Tavern.
  • Dean - A police officer. Dean patrols Moonbury, though you can also find him at the Police Department to the south of your home.
  • Derrek - A police office. Derrek also patrols Moonbury, and will occasionally show up at the Police Department. He also seems to enjoy fishing and working out at the park in the southwest of town.
  • Dev - Moonbury's postman, and Dan's more responsible split personality. Dev spends most of his day at Town Hall, working in the post office on the right side of the ground floor.
  • Forrest - The other ranger of Moonbury, whom you've already met - but he still counts. Forrest also hangs out either near his house or at the Ranger Post in the southeast of Moonbury.
  • Garret - The owner of the Farmhouse, in the northeast of Moonbury. Garret usually doesn't go too far from the Farmhouse, and can reliably be found there in the evenings.
  • Hannah - An assistant at Silky Stitch Tailor's, just north of Town Hall. You'll usually find her working there, making clothes on the right side of the shop.
  • Helene - An entertainer. Head to the Lazy Bowl Tavern and look in the basement, on the right side of the building. Here you'll find the Arcade Centre, where Helene works. 
  • Kipps - Zeke's cat. Kipps lives in Zeke's Tent in the southwest of Moonbury, and will head back that way at night, but the rest of the day she wanders the town. The Farmhouse is a safe bet if you want to find her during daylight hours.
  • Laura - The daughter of the family that runs the Farmhouse. She idles throughout Moonbury, usually tending towards the north of town where her home is located.
  • Leano - Owner of the Primrose Sail, and likely a former pirate. You can typically find her at the Primrose Sail, on the beach to the northwest of Moonbury.
  • Lucke - A worker at the Farmhouse, and part of the family that runs it. You'll usually find him in or around the Farmhouse, in the northeast of Moonbury, though he also likes parking himself on benches throughout town.
  • Mariele - The mayor's wife, whom you'll have seen a few times already. She seems to enjoy wandering the town and finding stationary activities in a number of places, particularly outside the Bathhouse and the Tavern.
  • Martha - A waitress at the Lazy Bowl Tavern. She's usually working there with Yorn whenever it's open.
  • Matheo - Moonbury's witch doctor. Matheo doesn't seem to get out much, and you'll usually find him at his home, to the south of Forrest's House and well past the boundaries of Moonbury.
  • Mercy - Co-owner of the Farmhouse. Seems to wander the town a lot, though if you need to find her she'll head back to the Farmhouse in the evening.
  • Myer - The mayor. Occasionally found outside the Tavern or at his home in the southwest of Moonbury, Myer is most likely going to be at Town Hall if you can't find him anywhere else.
  • Nova - The owner of Silky Stitch Tailor's. She's usually behind the desk there, though
  • Olive - The co-owner of the Willow Waters Bathhouse in the northeast of Moonbury. Look there if you can't find her anywhere else.
  • Opalheart - One of the local blacksmiths. Opalheart works at the Hearts and Sparks Shop in western Moonbury, and likes the park south of her store.
  • Osman - The Chief of Police, Osman wanders the streets of Moonbury a lot. You'll likely see him on patrol. You can also try to find him in the Police Department, south of your home.
  • Ottmar - Leano's assistant, and the owner of Ottmar's CafĂ©, just steps south of the Primrose Sail on the northwestern beach of Moonbury. You'll usually find him in one of these two places.
  • Reyner - Owner of the Bulk and Build, on the west side of Moonbury. If he's not there the chances are decent that he's in the nearby park.
  • Rue - The mayor's daughter, and the girl you saved in the previous quest. Rue wanders all over the place, and you'll most likely find her as she's headed from one place to the other, though checking Myers' House in the west of Moonbury is a safe bet since she lives there.
  • Runeheart - One of Moonbury's blacksmiths. She works at the Hearts and Sparks Shop to the northwest of Town Hall, and is usually there during the day. Runeheart also seems to like hanging out in the park to the south of her store.
  • Russo - An orphan. Russo lives at the Monastery, and spends a lot of his day in the north of Moonbury.
  • Socellia - Moonbury's vicar. You'll usually find her in the northwest of Moonbury, at the Church or in the Monastery.
  • Victor - The gravekeeper. Victor isn't well-liked by most people in Moonbury, and keeps to himself by hanging out in the graveyard next to the Church.
  • Xiao - The mayor's assistant. Unsurprisingly, you'll usually find Xiao at Town Hall.
  • Yorn - The owner of the Lazy Bowl Tavern, in the center of town. Yorn typically works in or around the Tavern, and isn't too difficult to find on any given day.
  • Zeke - A poor man. Zeke lives in a shack / tent on the southwest edge of Moonbury, and can occasionally be found there, as well as in the Tavern or fishing by the path in the southwest of Moonbury.
Perhaps the easiest way to meet people in Moonbury is to pick a popular spot and stake it out for a while. The Tavern, both inside and out, is perhaps the most popular location in Moonbury, and checking the inside and the patio should get you your ten people for the quest. The park in the southwest is also fairly popular.

(This list of Moonbury's residents is, admittedly, not yet complete, nor comprehensive. I'll keep adding more info as I play the game.)

Return to Town Hall between 8:00 and 15:00 and head to the second floor. Mayor Myer will explain, at least in part, why so many people in Moonbury distrust chemists. He'll also give you the Approval Badge 1, which unlocks other areas in the game for you to explore. You'll need to keep earning more Approval Badges to unlock the rest of the map. Head back home to rest, and once you wake up and go outside you'll receive your first timed patient. 

Head to the Clinic and you can work out how to heal them up. Make sure you bring them back to full health before you run out of time. You'll have four days, which is plenty of time - though you may not have the ingredients to get the job done. Head into Meadow Range and check out the far east side of it to trigger a cut scene, which itself will begin the next quest, Clearing the Landslide. Once you've started Clearing the Landslide you should also sleep at home, which triggers another quest, The Kind-Hearted Chemist.