Main Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Complete Xiao's Request, go to bed

Reward: 150 G

Unlocks: Getting to Know You

Upon completing Xiao's Request you'll be told to head home and get some sleep. Do so, then head outside the next day. Mayor Myer is waiting, and he insists you come with him to the nearby Clinic to check on his daughter, Rue. She's not doing so well. Matheo, the local witch doctor, insists you shouldn't be trusted with Rue's wellbeing, but Myer is willing to give you a shot. The quest triggers in the middle of the cut scene.

During the cut scene you'll be taken into the Diagnosis Menu. Here you'll be given an overview of Rue's body, and will need to inspect the part she's complaining about to make a diagnosis. In this case Rue is complaining about her neck, so move the viewfinder over the neck to determine where the problem is.

After the diagnosis you need to complete a simple rhythm minigame to determine which Potion is needed to cure the patient. Enter the indicated directions using your keyboard / controller, timing each input to be as close to the center of the box on the right as possible. Enter enough inputs successfully and you'll fill the meter above the game, allowing you to make a proper diagnosis and determine the cure for Rue. (Later in the game you'll increase patient satisfaction by doing better in this minigame, so it pays to practice your button tapping and become as precise as possible.)

Once everyone is cleared out of the Clinic and Rue is left to nap you'll determine that the cure she needs is Moonbrine. As with most Potions you can use a combination of whatever you like to create Moonbrine, though in this case there are two ingredients you can use that will make the job fairly easy:
  • First up is Sticky Jelly. You can procure plenty of this stuff by destroying the Green Blobs in Meadow Range. You'll need two globs of Sticky Jelly to fill in the upper spaces of the Moonbrine template.
  • Second, and more or less mandatory, is a Bear's Claw. You'll need to defeat a Honeypaw in Meadow Range to get a Bear's Claw. You can then use this on the three-block space on the bottom of the Moonbrine template.
Take the Moonbrine back to Rue in the Clinic. A cut scene follows - Matheo isn't too happy with the happy results - and the quest will end successfully. Go to bed and Xiao will show up the next day to trigger your next quest, Getting to Know You.

Main Walkthrough