Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete The First Task

Reward: 150 G

Unlocks: Myer's Daughter

You'll receive Xiao's Request immediately after you hand in a bundle of flower snippets to Forrest. He'll tell you to go meet Xiao, the mayor's assistant, at Town Hall. You'll find Town Hall in the south-central of Moonbury, to the west of your home and right beside the Tavern.

Xiao is waiting inside the entrance hall with Runeheart, the daughter of the town's blacksmith and a smithy in her own right. Xiao has Runeheart repair your Cauldron, allowing you to concoct the medicines necessary to be, you know, a chemist. Xiao then leaves, telling you to 'brew Potions', which is kinda vague. Fortunately, the game tells you exactly which Potions to brew: A Neutralizing Herbal Balm and a Wound Cleanser. You can find the components for both in Meadow Range.

Potion Brewing

In order to create a Potion in Potion Permit you need to collect components from the wilderness, then bring them back to your Cauldron and choose the Potion you want to brew. What follows is a short minigame where you fit puzzle pieces into a preset template. The template varies with each Potion you want to brew. If you successfully fill every space in the template you will create the Potion.

There are, of course, a few caveats:

  • Some Potions restrict which types of ingredients you can use. Each ingredient has a type - Fire, Water, Wind, or Earth - and you can only use ingredients of that type to create certain Potions. (Fortunately, the Potions for Xiao's Request can be cobbled together from all four ingredient types. You won't need to worry about material restrictions for a while.)
  • Each ingredient has a specified shape that fits into the Potion's template, visible when you highlight the ingredient in the Crafting Menu. Basil, for example, has two vertically-aligned blocks, while Jasmine has three blocks in an inverted L shape. You can't flip these shapes around, so you'll need to muddle them into a configuration that perfectly fits the template. 
  • You can only use so many ingredients to create each Potion. Each ingredient you use is counted via green lights on the bottom-left side of the Cauldron.

So long as they fit the criteria of the Potion and you can fit them into the template, you can use whichever ingredients you like to fulfill Xiao's order. That said, here are some recommendations for easily crafting these two brews:
  • The Neutralizing Herbal Balm can be brewed using three Basils and one clump of Spores. Basil is found in a clearing in the north of Meadow Range, while Spores are dropped by Greedbonnets, odd, mushroom-headed creatures living in the east of Meadow Range.
  • The Wound Cleanser can be brewed with two Daisies and a Bear's Claw. You'll find the Daisies around the entrance of Meadow Range. Bear's Claws require you to fight and defeat Honeypaws, which like Greedbonnets roam the inner eastern sections of Meadow Range.
Brew up one of each Potion and take them to Xiao at Town Hall between 8:00 and 15:00. Entering Town Hall will trigger a cut scene and earn you your reward. Xiao will then mention that the 'next step' will take place tomorrow. Go home and sleep, and when you wake up the Mayor will be waiting outside your home. The cut scene that follows eventually leads into your next quest, Myer's Daughter.