Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: None

Reward: 100 g

Unlocks: Xiao's Request

After a lengthy sequence of cut scenes you'll wind up inside your house... such as it is. Everything looks pretty dinged up. You can rearrange things a little bit, if you like, though until you've made some money and bought new furniture there's not a ton you can do with this place. (Unless you bought the DLC furniture, anyway.) Heed the knock on the door and head outside.

Mayor Myer is waiting for you, and as your first task he wants you to meet Forrest, the aptly-ranged forest ranger of the area. Once you regain control of your character you can wander the town and watch the residents go about their daily lives, though at this point in the game they will dismiss you as not worth their time. You need to improve your reputation before any of them will open up.

Before you go anywhere, note the red banner on the pole to the west of your house, beside a bridge. This is a Fast Travel point, and when activated these points will allow you to teleport around the map without needing to walk. Interact with the banner now to set up this Fast Travel point so you can quickly jump back home without needing to walk. There's a similar Fast Travel point at your destination that you should activate it once you see it.

Head south out of town, through the gate to the south of the Police Station, and veer east. Forrest is on the next screen over, in Meadow Range, and he'll provide a teensy bit of background on the town before leaving you to your work. You need to collect three pieces of Basil, Jasmine, and Daisy for Forrest. You'll receive a quick introduction to switching your active tool before getting set loose. Activate the nearby Fast Travel point and go to work.

Your first task requires slicing up very particular plants using your Sickle:

  • You'll receive Daisies from the red flowers. They stick out like a sore thumb, and you'll find three of them right near the entrance of Meadow Range.
  • Basil comes from green bushes with orange leaf tips. Head east through Meadow Range until you hit a blocked road, then go north to find a clearing that's full of Basil.
  • Jasmine appears as clumps of white. Branching off from the northern path leading to the Basil you'll find a westbound path that will take you to two clearings. Both have Jasmine to harvest.

One handy feature you'll notice quickly are the icons on the map. Each time you slice up a plant an icon of said plant will appear on your map. The plants regrow each day, and in the same places, so you can use the map to quickly relocate specific materials for your work. Between this and the Fast Travel points you shouldn't have too much trouble getting everything you need in a single work day.

As you explore you'll run into two potential problems. The first are the monsters that bar your path. You can slice them up pretty easily with the Sickle, though the occasional Honeypaw (the big bears) can give you a run for your month. Back away if your health gets low, and roll to avoid any obvious attacks. The other problem comes from running out of Stamina, which will prevent you from working. Either eat food gathered as you wander - Mushrooms do the trick - or simply head home once your character is tired.

Note that while you're gathering materials for Forrest you can also chop up trees and rocks for additional ingredients. Potion Permit is very specific about which tools can be used for which tasks. Your Sickle is for slicing up plants and flowers, your Axe is for chopping down trees, and your Hammer is for smashing rocks. Use them on anything but their designated tasks and they won't do anything. All three tools are good at taking out monsters, however.

Take the materials you've collected to Forrest. He's standing at the Ranger Post outside Meadow Range between 10:00 and 20:00. (You can find him elsewhere, but he won't accept the quest as completed.) Approach this general area to trigger a cut scene and end the quest, as well as begin the next: Xiao's Request.