Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Martha friendship level 1

Reward: None

Unlocks: Martha friendship level 2, Self-Care

Triggering the first step of Martha's personal story requires upping her friendship levels, and that, of course, requires that you track her down. Martha works at the Lazy Bowl Tavern, next to Town Hall, and lives in one of the rooms on the upper floor. You'll find her working there in the evenings, and before she heads off during the day she'll be in her room. Martha moves around a lot so you should see her out walking with fair regularity.

Once you've raised Martha's friendship level to the maximum for the first stage a post on the Bulletin Board near the Town Square will appear, inviting people to come to the Town Square for free cookies. The Town Square is just north of the Tavern, and sticks out thanks to a plant-covered monument.

Go to the Town Square between 9:00 and 15:00 on any day but Monday and you'll hit a cut scene. Turns out Martha is pretty bad at making cookies. Watch the scene play out and you'll unlock the second tier of friendship with Martha. Yep, it's that easy.