Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Cold Residue

Reward: Cooling Spray, Freezing Draught, Rejuvenating Tears, Thunder Kiss, and Vision Ward Recipes

Unlocks: --

Reaching The Second Chemistry Test requires a fair bit of work. Not only do you have to repair the cable car leading to Glaze Iceberg, you need to travel to the northwest side of the iceberg and locate the polluted land that triggers Cold Residue. Once you've cleared up Cold Residue - which itself takes a bit of doing - Moira, one of your Medical Association mentors, will drop by and give you this quest the next morning.

Head to the Research Bench and complete The Second Chemistry Test research. The top icon is Wind, left is Fire, right is Water, and bottom-left is Earth. You'll unlock the Recipe for the Draconic Temper Potion. This Potion requires filling 21 squares, making it the most complex Potion yet. You also can't use Water or Wind materials to finish it up. At a minimum you'll need to upgrade your Cauldron once to fulfill the material requirements.

Here are some suggestions for completing the Dragonic Temper Potion:
  • Start off by placing Sunflowers in the top-right and bottom of the template. You can get Sunflowers from the clearing to the west of the South of Meadow Range Fast Travel point.
  • Bridge the gap between the two Sunflowers with a Black Fur. Black Fur is dropped by Blackpaws, the more advanced bears that prowl Meadow Range.
  • Next, place a Rigid Pelt on the left side of the template, just above the Sunflowers. You can get Rigid Pelts by defeating Pangols in Meadow Range.
  • Place a Timber Fruit at the top. You can get the yellow thing by killing Blossom Shooters on Glaze Iceberg.
  • All that will leave you with a single square to fill up top. Place a Sap from any tree in this spot to complete the template.

Track down Xiao. He'll call in Collin and Moira to assess your Potion, and, of course, it will pass with flying colors. You'll receive five new Potion Recipes - Cooling Spray, Freezing Draught, Rejuvenating Tears, Thunder Kiss, and Vision Ward - and the quest will end successfully. 

The next morning Moira will show up at your door and give you a Letter of Recommendation.