Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Fixing the Cable Car

Reward: 2 Moon Cloves, 275 G

Unlocks: --

To unlock this quest you first need to gain access to Glaze Iceberg, in the north of Moonbury Island. This will require Fixing the Cable Car, as well as gathering up a ton of items so the rangers of Moonbury can get the work done. 

Head towards the Ranger Station in the south of Moonbury once you've opened up Glaze Iceberg. You'll find Runeheart trying to get supplies from Bubble, who just doesn't have the time to fulfil the order. You, naturally, will have to pick up the slack.

Runeheart needs a bundle of stuff from Glaze Iceberg to complete her order:
  • Five Dark Shards. Dark Shards are dropped by Koblin Assassins, the shield-wielding foes that wander around Glaze Iceberg. You'll need to pull out your Axe and slash them a few times to stun them, then go in for the kill.
  • Five Golden Shells. Golden Shells are dropped by Goldenhorns, the big, shiny beetles that wander around Glaze Iceberg. You'll need your Hammer to smash through their defenses.
  • Five Silver Nuggets. Silver Nuggets fall out of the smaller rocks in Glaze Iceberg when destroyed. You can also gather them from the larger piles of glittering rocks on Meadow Range.

Hunt down Runeheart once you've collected everything. She wanders around a lot, but is most often found around the Hearts and Sparks Shop in western Moonbury Town. Handing over the goods will complete the quest and get you your reward.