Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Fixing the Cable Car

Reward: Mixed Salad, Moon Cloves, Mixed Salad Recipe

Unlocks: --

A Sour Berry doesn't come into play until you've completed Fixing the Cable Car. This will allow you to gather the materials needed to, y'know, fix the cable car, allowing you to gain access to Glaze Iceberg. You can then find the materials needed for this quest.

Head back to Moonbury Town and walk down the path towards Matheo's Home, far to the south of the rest of the town and down a separate path from the railroad. Along the way you'll run into Zeke and Kipps, and Zeke is trying to make something for the cat using a particular kind of berry. He can't get it here, and wanders away.

The berry Zeke wants is the Snow Berry, found on green bushes with small, pale berries. These can be found every now and then as you explore Glaze Iceberg. There are four of them located throughout Glaze Iceberg:
  • One among the Roses near the entrance to the area
  • Another on the northbound path near the Roses
  • Yet another on the path just south of the North of Glaze Iceberg Fast Travel point
  • And one more in the far northeast of Glaze Iceberg

Assuming you haven't been collecting Snow Berries you'll need to make three trips to get all the Sour Berries Zeke needs. Take them back to him - he's usually fishing in the park to the southwest - and he'll hand over your reward, ending the quest.