Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Reyner's level 2 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Reyner level 3 friendship, A Chest Problem

At first Reyner seemed professionally aloof from you, but after you tended to his shoulder he seems a little friendlier. Might as well grow the relationship. Reyner spends most of his days at the Bulk and Build, which serves as his home as well as his business, so if you want to befriend him you'd do well to look there first. The rest of the time he's a bit less predictable, though it's not uncommon to find Reyner in the Tavern at night, before bed.

Once you've maxed out the second level of your friendship with Reyner he'll post a note on the Bulletin Boards around Moonbury, asking anyone who has unclaimed orders to pick them up. He's planning to clear the Bulk and Build out a bit. You're invited to stop by the Bulk and Build from 8:00 to 15:00, Monday to Saturday, to participate in the cut scene to follow.

Reyner is busy with Derrek when you come in, and it appears that Reyner's craftsmanship is suffering thanks to overwork. You give his shoulders another look - they weren't doing so well during the previous quest - and discover bruises. Reyner is forced to get past his machismo and accept your help. Time to work up another potion for the carpenter.

You need to create a Fiery Ointment for Reyner. This Potion's template has eighteen squares to fill, and you can't use Water materials in its construction. You'll need to upgrade your Cauldron once to make this Potion, and you'll either need another Cauldron upgrade or access to Glaze Iceberg to finish the job. Here are some suggestions for creating Fiery Ointment:
  • Start by placing Dark Shards at the top of the template. Dark Shards are dropped by Koblin Assassins in Glaze Iceberg.
  • Place either two Bear's Claws, two Konjacs, or a combination of the two in the middle and bottom gaps on the template. Bear's Claws are dropped by Honeypaws in Meadow Range, while Konjac is harvested in the north of Meadow Range by completing the Annoying Bugs quest.
  • Stick an Orchid on the right side of the template. Orchids are found northeast of the cable car in Glaze Iceberg.
  • Place a Sticky Jelly on the left side of the template. The Green Blobs found throughout Meadow Range drop Sticky Jellies.
  • All that will leave a gap above the Sticky Jelly. Fill it in with Sap from the many trees in either Meadow Range or Glaze Iceberg.

Take the Fiery Ointment to Reyner. Things will get ever-so-slightly steamy, and your relationship with him will jump up a level. Past this point you can begin to pursue a relationship with the carpenter, if you wish, starting with the next quest, A Chest Problem.