Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Reyner's level 2 friendship

Reward: None

After a rocky start Moonbury's resident carpenter has grown fond of you, and there's no point in slowing down your relationship now. Reyner remains a staple of the Bulk and Build, and he both lives and works there. If you want to find him you should be checking there first. The rest of Reyner's day is spent all over Moonbury, so if you don't find him at the Bulk and Build during the morning and afternoon you should have your dog perform a search.

Once you've maxed out the third level of your relationship with Reyner a post from Runeheart will go up on the Bulletin Boards around town. It sounds as though Reyner is quite unwell, and he needs medical assistance. You'd best oblige. You can run to Reyner's aid on any day of the week, at the Bulk and Build, from 8:00 to 15:00.

Upon your arrival Runeheart will bombard you with Reyner's symptoms, though, ah... well, suffice it to say that he's not sick. Let the scene play out and it'll become apparent that Reyner's view of you has changed gears, and he's not only friendly to you, he seems open to dating. Go figure. This will complete the quest, and you'll unlock the next level of friendship with Reyner. Romance is within your grasp.