Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Clearing the Landslide (not sure if this is the only prerequisite)

Reward: Moon Cloves

Once you've completed Clearing the Landslide you'll have the opportunity to clear the landslide out of the way. To do this you'll need 1,500 G, 225 Wood, and 175 Rocks. Collect all of these resources - most of which you'll find in Meadow Range itself - then interact with the heap of debris to clear it out of the way. This will allow you to access the rest of Meadow Range.

Head north of the Heart of Meadow Range Fast Travel point, just beyond the debris you cleared and under a stony archway. Veer west and you'll hit a cut scene in a small clearing just off the main path. There are plants under attack by a horde of small, unnatural bugs, and neither Forrest nor Matheo know what to do about it. Maybe you can find an expert.

Head back to Moonbury Town and look for Victor. He moves around town a little bit, but for the most part you'll find him in the cemetery next to the Church, on the bluffs in the northwest of town. Victor will determine that the bugs are Frostmites, and give you a mostly-empty container of bug repellent to drive the things off. You'll need to craft the remainder of the repellent yourself. Use the Research Bench to concoct the recipe for the Frostmite Repellent.

Frostmite Repellent requires filling a fifteen-block template. You'll need ingredients from the newly-opened sections of Meadow Range to complete the Potion. Here are some suggestions for the materials you'll need:
  • You can use two Sticky Jellies to fill in the blocks on the right side of the template. You'll get them by killing Green Blobs throughout Meadow Range.
  • One Lavender will fill the slot in the middle of the template. Lavender is located in the southeast of the newer sections of Meadow Range.
  • Next is a piece of Jasmine, slotted in on the left side of the template. You'll find Jasmine in the earlier section of Meadow Range, northwest of the landfill site.
  • Last is a Daisy, to fill in the gap in the bottom-left corner of the template. Daisies are all over the place in the early section of Meadow Range.

Head back to the spot in Meadow Range where you spotted the bugs. You'll clear out the creatures, allowing the plants to grow back and completing the mission. You can now use this spot to harvest Konjac from now on.