Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Clearing the Landslide (not sure if this is the only prerequisite)

Reward: Two Moon Cloves, two Honey

Unlocks: --

In the northeast of Moonbury Town, just south of the Bathhouse, is an intermediate-level fishing spot. If you approach it after completing Clearing the Landslide you'll see a cut scene between Myers and Osman. It appears that a gross, green slime is scumming up the water near the fishing spot, and they want you to concoct something to get rid of it.

Head back to the Potion House. You'll now find that the Research Bench on the right side of the house has been unlocked, and you can use it to research a way to get rid of the slime. This minigame only requires you to click the icons under the magnifying glass until they match the icons at the bottom of the magnifying glass. In this case, click the icons until you turn them into Water. You need to change two icons into Water to complete the research. Simple stuff.

Your research will conclude that you need to create the Slime Kisser Potion. Slime Kisser is likely the largest Potion you've come across up to this point, and still has a limit of five ingredients. You'll have to get past the landslide blocking the road through Meadow Range to access some more powerful ingredients before you can make this Potion happen. Here are some suggested ingredients for getting the job done:
  • Two Bear's Claws will fit nicely along the top and bottom of the Potion template. You can get these from Honeypaws in the early sections of Meadow Range.
  • A Savage Mane will cover the left side of the template. These are dropped by Bonemasks, burly, four-legged creatures that charge at you as you explore the newer areas of Meadow Range.
  • Some Lavender will cover the right side of the template. Look for Lavender plants in the southeast of the newer sections of Meadow Range.
  • Sticky Jelly fits nicely in the middle of the rest of the blocks. You can get these from the Green Blobs that populate the entirety of Meadow Range.
Take your Slime Kisser to Osman once it's done. He moves around a lot, so it can be difficult to find him at times, though checking his house (just south of yours) or the Police Department can't hurt. After a quick cut scene the slime in the water will be gone, and you'll receive your reward.