Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Matheo's level 3 friendship

Reward: None

If you've come this far along the Matheo friendship path then you'll know how to track him down to keep it going. Matheo spends basically the entire day at his home, to the south of the Ranger Post outside Moonbury Town. If you can't find him in or around the house he may be at the small pond through the trees to the south, though most of the time he's either writing outside or tending to his plants.

Max out the third level of friendship with Matheo and he'll put up a note on the Bulletin Boards of Moonbury Town, asking that you meet him and Mayor Myer at Town Hall. You can trigger the cut scene between 8:00 and 15:00 on any day of the week, while Town Hall is open for business. Head upstairs to watch things play out.

Matheo will show up to the meeting in a tizzy, explaining that the disease he's been studying has begun to spread. He doesn't have the know-how to stop it on his own, however, and begrudgingly requests your help in the matter. Head back home and use the Research Bench (Fire is left and top-right, Water is bottom-left, Wind is top-left, Earth is right) to unlock the Sun Elixir.

The Sun Elixir is a tricky concoction that requires you to fill twenty squares with only Wind materials. Yikes. You'll need at least one Cauldron upgrade to make the Potion, as well as access to Glaze Iceberg. Here are some suggested materials for completing the Potion:
  • Start off by placing two Ominous Tongues at the bottom of the template, on either side. Ominous Tongues are dropped by Bomber Bees on Glaze Iceberg.
  • Fill the space beside the Ominous Tongues with a Premium Pelt. Premium Pelts are dropped by Elder Wolves on Glaze Iceberg.
  • Put two Konjacs on the template, one above the Ominous Tongues and the other at the very top. Konjac plants are found in Meadow Range, and are unlocked by completing the Annoying Bugs quest.
  • Place Dark Shards between the two Konjacs. Dark Shards are dropped by Koblin Assassins on Glaze Iceberg.

Deliver the Sun Potion to Matheo to resolve the issue. The two of you will have a heart-to-heart, putting Matheo's grudge to rest (mostly) and ending the quest successfully. Past this point you can continue your relationship with Matheo into romance territory. Continue along this path to trigger the final quest in Matheo's storyline, Hidden Feelings.