Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete A Mysterious Disease, give Matheo a Moon Brooch

Reward: None

Unlocks: Dating with Matheo

Despite a very rocky start - and the fact that he'll start act like a jerk to you now and then - you've reached the pinnacle of your relationship with Matheo. All that remains is wooing the witch doctor. You can romance Matheo by giving him a Moon Brooch, which you can acquire from the main cash register at Silky Stitch Tailor's. You'll need to exchange five Moon Cloves for the Moon Brooch, so spend a bunch of time healing patients if you don't have enough Cloves.

Things won't go according to plan, and Matheo will reject your advances. Harsh. Myer will show up shortly thereafter, and over some food he'll offer to move you out of the Potion House and into something nicer, as thanks for all that you've done. This will cause a big misunderstanding, and once you go to sleep and wake up the situation will resolve itself. 

Completing the quest will trigger a romance between you and Matheo. From this point on he'll act a little nicer to you, and you can choose to go on dates with him as an interaction. You can go on one date a day with Matheo.