Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Dan's level 2 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Dan friendship level 3

You may be better friends with Dan after the last quest, but that fact doesn't make him any less of a troublemaker. Perhaps deepening your relationship with Dan will calm him down a bit? (Unlikely.) The would-be pirate remains a bit difficult to pin down, and he won't flip into being until after Dev is done his work at the post office. Once Dan is active you can find him with your dog. He likes to wander a lot, making Dan tough to find, though if you want some somewhat-reliable spot to find him it's Moonbury Cliff. Aside from that, though, you'll need to let your dog go to work.

Once you've maxed out the second level of your friendship with Dan a notice will go up on the Bulletin Boards throughout the community. Dan apparently covets a cutlass that's on display near the Primerose Sail, and he vows to defeat anyone who would come between him and his prize. Sure. The note says to check out the area near the Primerose Sail between 9:00 and 18:00 on any day of the week.

Pop into the Primerose Sail at the right time and you'll see Dan trying to barter with Ottmar for the cutlass. Ottmar refuses to take gold, saying they need 'materials' instead. Speak to Ottmar once Dan leaves (if Ottmar disappears he's likely somewhere nearby) and he'll give you a list of things he and Leano want for the cutlass:
  • Five Golden Shells. Golden Shells are dropped by Goldenhorns, the big, gold beetles in Glaze Iceberg.
  • Five Yggdrasils. Yggdrasil plants grow in the northeast of Glaze Iceberg. You'll unlock these by completing the quest Cold Residue.
  • Five Ominous Tongues. Ominous Tongues are dropped by Bomber Bees, the flying pests flying around Glaze Iceberg.

Collect everything - you'll need access to Glaze Iceberg, unsurprisingly - and take the materials to Ottmar. He'll give you the Azure Cutlass in exchange. Take the cutlass to Dan to end the quest. He, ah... he's an enthusiastic fellow.