Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Mariele's level 1 friendship

Reward: Ginger Cookie Recipe

Unlocks: Mariele level 2 friendship, Haywire Taste Buds

One of Mayor Myer's more frequent companions, Mariele is a bit difficult to find when she's not with her husband. She seems to flit all over Moonbury Town, and can be found just about anywhere at any given time of the day. The most likely spot to track her down is her home, located in the southwest of Moonbury Town. She also seems to spend a bit more time than average at Town Hall. The chances are good you'll need to call in your dog to find her, however.

Once you've maxed out your friendship with Mariele you'll find a sign on one of Moonbury's Bulletin Boards, inviting you to her home between Monday and Saturday, 15:00 to 20:00. Head over as evening approaches and Mariele will invite you inside to try out her cookies. They're good, but missing something: Sweet Crystals. You're given a Recipe to create them for Mariele, and despite the fact that you can't use Water materials making them is very simple:

  • Stick Spores on the bottom. You can get Spores from the Greedbonnets throughout Meadow Range.
  • Place a Sticky Jelly on the top. Sticky Jelly is dropped by Green Blobs, also found throughout Meadow Range.
  • Fill in the two remaining gaps in the template with Sap from cutting down trees. Piece of cake.

Take the resulting Sweet Crystals to Mariele and she'll reward you with a Recipe. This will complete the quest, unlocking the second level of your relationship with Mariele. Continue along this path and you'll eventually hit the quest Haywire Taste Buds.