Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Mariele's level 2 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Mariele level 3 friendship

Thanks to some exemplary baking skills you're on better terms with Mariele, and you might as well raise the stakes a bit. Mariele is difficult to track down in Moonbury Town, as she moves around a lot during the day. The most likely places to find her are near Town Hall and around her house, in the southwest of Moonbury. She seems more likely to be in the south of town than the north, though not always.

Once you've maxed out the second level of your friendship with Mariele she'll leave a post on the Bulletin Boards around town asking you to drop by her house again. Mariele lives at Myer's House, and your invitation is for Monday to Saturday, 15:00 to 20:00. It's not a huge window of opportunity and it comes on the end of the day, so don't be late.

Mariele bakes up another batch of cookies, but unlike last time they're putrid. You and Myer quickly realize that something is wrong with Mariele's taste buds, and she needs a concoction to get them working again. Some Tongue Cooler will do the trick. Tongue Cooler has an eighteen-square template, and you can't use Fire materials to make the Potion. You'll need to upgrade your Cauldron at least once to create the Potion, and the template is sizable enough that you'll probably want access to Glaze Iceberg so you have access to better materials.

Here are some suggested materials for creating the Tongue Cooler:
  • Place two Daisies along the bottom of the template, leaving a gap between them. You can find Daisies near the entrance of Meadow Range.
  • Place a Golden Shell between the two Daisies. Golden Shells are dropped by Goldenhorns, the shiny beetles that live on Glaze Iceberg.
  • Stick a Lavender in the top-left corner of the template. Lavender is found in the southeast of Meadow Range.
  • Place a Black Fur in the top-right corner of the template. Blackclaws from Meadow Range drop Black Fur.
  • Finish up by placing a Sap at the very top of the template. Sap drops out of trees.
Take the Tongue Cooler to Mariele. It will fix her right up, and your relationship will deepen to the third level of friendship.