Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Rue's level 1 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Rue friendship level 2, Red Seeds

The first patient you ever treated in Potion Permit, Rue is the daughter of Mayor Myer and seems pretty bored with her life. As such she spends a lot of time wandering around Moonbury Town, and it can be difficult to pin her down. She doesn't spend a whole lot of time at home, which is the only predictable place you could find her, so your best bet is to put your dog on the case and let it track her down for you.

Once you've maxed out your first level of friendship with Rue a notice will appear on the Bulletin Board asking someone with 'green fingers' to come help her at her home. She's not so good at the gardening. She asks someone to come over from 7:00 to 15:00, giving you plenty of time to fit a visit into your schedule. Rue lives at Myer's House, in the southwest of Moonbury Town.

Approach the house and Rue will meet you outside, in front of some empty planters. She's trying to grow flowers, but the soil appears to not be fertile enough for plants. You'll need to craft some Soil Fertilizer to help Rue's flowers sprout. Below are some ingredients for filling in the Soil Fertilizer template:

  • Set some Spores into the bottom of the template. Spores are dropped by Greedbonnets throughout Meadow Range.
  • Right on top of the Spores you can slot in a Daisy. Daisies are found near the entrance of Meadow Range.
  • Fill the left side of the template with Lavender. Lavender is found in the far southeast of Meadow Range.
  • A Sticky Jelly works to fill in most of the top of the template. Sticky Jelly is dropped by the Green Blobs found throughout Meadow Range.
  • Last, fill in the single empty square with some Sap, dropped whenever you chop down trees.
Take the resulting Soil Fertilizer back to Rue to end the quest. Satisfying Rue's gardening itch will raise your friendship to the next level. Progress far enough along this path and you'll unlock the next quest in Rue's storyline, Red Seeds.