Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Mercy's level 1 friendship

Reward: Meat Stew, Meat Stew Recipe

Unlocks: Mercy friendship level 2

The matriarch of the Farmhouse family, Mercy can be a little tricky to find unless you lose your dog. Though she lives at the Farmhouse she doesn't seem to spend a ton of time there during the day, and often flits around town doing other things. Your best bet for finding her without the dog is still to hang out in the north of Moonbury, around the Farmhouse, but often you and your pooch will need to go hunting to find and befriend her.

Once you've maxed out your friendship with Mercy you'll see a new notice on the Bulletin Boards around town. Mercy has been considering the 'development' of her kids, and wants some advice. She asks that you stop by the Farmhouse from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00 to 19:00. Do this while Mercy is healthy to trigger the cut scene.

Show up at the Farmhouse at the proper time and Mercy will tell you that both of her kids need some alchemical improvements. Laura, her daughter, is a bit too short, while Lucke, her son, needs to put on some weight. You'll gain Recipes for a Weight Enhancer and a Bone Enhancer to help them out. Here are some material suggestions for making both Potions:

  • Spores can fill in the left side of the Weight Enhancer template. Spores are dropped by Greenbonnets, which explore the entirety of Meadow Range.
  • Lemon Balm fills in the right side of the template. You can find Lemon Balm just south of the Heart of Meadow Range Fast Travel point.
  • A Bear's Claw covers the three-square gap near the top of the template. Bear's Claws are dropped by Honeypaws, the bears wandering in the first section of Meadow Range.
  • Sap can fill the two remaining squares on the template. Sap falls out of trees when they're chopped down.
  • More Spores slot in nicely at the bottom of the Bone Enhancer template.
  • You can fill the left side of the template with a Savage Mane, dropped by the Bonemasks in the outer areas of Meadow Range.
  • Basil fills the two-square gap above the Spores on the right side of the template. Basil is found in the early section of Meadow Range.
  • The last two gaps at the top of the template are primed and ready for some Sap.
Take the two Potions back to Mercy to solve her problems and conclude the quest. You'll boost your relationship with her up to the second level, as well as gain a nice little Recipe for yourself.