Main Walkthrough

An easy-going countryside simulator just wouldn't be complete without fishing, and Potion Permit is no exception to the rule. Moonbury Town has several fishing spots that you can use to catch a variety of fish, and you can use said fish to feed yourself or your fellow citizens. Expect to spend a lot of time reeling in aquatic beasties if you want to make the most of your Potion Permit experience.

In order to fish you first need a fishing rod. Head to the Primerose Sail, the boat docked along the beaches in the northwest of town, during the day. If you come here after completing the Clearing the Landslide quest (I think, anyway - still need to verify this) you'll meet Leano, the owner of the Primerose Sail, and she'll give you a Basic Fishing Rod and three Worms to use as bait. You can now use the various docks throughout Moonbury Town to try your hand at fishing.

How to Fish

Fishing in Potion Permit is fairly simple. You start by casting out your lure, which is done by charging up a meter. The higher the meter when you hit the button, the further the lure goes. Once the lure is in the water you need to start pulling it back towards land. As you do it will grab the attention of fish, and eventually one will swim over and try to steal your Worm away.

Once you have a fish on your Rod you need to reel it in. As you reel you'll notice the string of the Rod changing color. If you reel too hard - or don't reel at all - the string will turn red, and eventually the fish will get away. You need to tire the fish out by giving it slack when it is angry and fighting, then pull it in once it's tired. Pay attention to the fish's emotes to determine whether you should let the line go slack or pull it in. Try this out a few times and you'll quickly get a feel for reeling in fish.

Each time you cast out your Rod, successful or otherwise, you'll use up a Worm. If you need more you can buy them from Leano. As you challenge more difficult fishing holes you'll need to buy progressively better-quality Worms, though just starting out you can get the cheap ones for 5 G apiece.

There are three places to fish in Moonbury Town and one out in the field. Each requires a progressively more advanced Rod, and better bait, before you can fish. Each also has a different stock of available fish for you to catch. We'll explore all of them, and note when you need a stronger Rod - and how to get it.

Park Fishing Spot

The first, most basic fishing hole is the Park Fishing Spot. It's located at the small park in the south of Moonbury Town. The Basic Fishing Rod and plain ol' Worms will suffice when fishing off of this dock. You'll get the Basic Fishing Rod by approaching the Primerose Sail during business hours and getting into a cut scene with Leano, the owner. You can catch the following fish at the Park Fishing Spot:
  • Anchovy - White Meat
  • Crayfish - White Meat
  • Eel - White Meat
  • Mackerel - Pink Meat
  • Sardine - White Meat
  • Shrimp - White Meat
  • Small Chest - Gold

River Fishing Spot

Located just north of your house in Moonbury Town, the River Fishing Spot is your second option for fishing. To cast your lure here you need the Intermediate Fishing Rod, acquired by completing the Advanced Fishing Rod quest. You'll also need to buy Super Worms from Leano's shop. You can catch the following fish at the River Fishing Spot:
  • Blue Marlin - Pink Meat
  • Catfish - White Meat
  • Goldfish - White Meat
  • Large Chest - Gold
  • Seabass - Pink Meat
  • Small Chest - Gold
  • Squid - White Meat
  • Sturgeon - Pink Meat

Beach Fishing Spot

Conveniently located right beside the Primerose Sail to the northwest of Moonbury Town, the Beach Fishing Spot is the third fishing hole you'll unlock. To fish here you'll need the Advanced Fishing Rod, which requires that you complete The Ultimate Fishing Rod... as well as a ton of fishing in your spare time. You'll also need to buy Hyper Worms from the Primerose Sail. You can catch the following fish at the Beach Fishing Spot:
  • Blue Octopus - Blue Meat
  • Blue Sea Cucumber - Blue Meat
  • Crab - White Meat
  • Fairy - Fairy Berry
  • Salmon - Pink Meat
  • Shellfish - White Meat
  • Tuna - Pink Meat

Glaze Grotto Fishing Spot

(Note: Although you're told to use Hyper Worms to fish here, the game actually draws from your Super Worm stock. If you don't have any Super Worms you can't fish at the Glaze Grotto Fishing Spot. I'm sure this will get fixed in the near future.)

The final fishing location you'll unlock is the Glaze Grotto Fishing Spot, located in a cave to the north of the cable car where you enter the area. Like the Beach Fishing Spot you'll need the Advanced Fishing Rod and Hyper Worms to fish here. You can catch the following fish at the Glaze Grotto Fishing Spot:
  • Lingcod - Blue Meat
  • Lobster - Pink Meat
  • Mussel - White Meat
  • Rainbow Trout - White Meat
  • Flying Dragon Fish - Quest item