Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Leano's level 2 friendship, go fishing

Reward: Intermediate Fishing Rod

Unlocks: The Ultimate Fishing Rod (eventually)

(I know this quest is named 'Advanced Fishing Rod' but you get the Intermediate Fishing Rod. It doesn't make sense to me either. I imagine the name will get changed in the future.)

There are (seemingly) two prerequisites for triggering Advanced Fishing Rod:
  • First, you need to fish. A lot. Expect to fish about fifty times or so at the Park Fishing Spot. (Unverified. The game isn't exactly specific how many times you need to fish.)
  • Second, you need to fill up Leano's friendship meter to its second level. She hangs out at the Primerose Sail for the most part, and spends time at the Tavern in the evenings.
This second prerequisite was the only way I could get the quest to trigger, though it doesn't seem like it should be part of the process. If maxing out Leano's second-level friendship works now, I doubt it will forever. For the moment, though, if you can't get Advanced Fishing Rod to trigger, give befriending Leano a try.

Once you've fulfilled both criteria a note from Leano will appear on the Bulletin Boards around Moonbury Town, hastening you to the park where you've been fishing. Go there between 8:00 and 18:00. As you approach the dock you'll be interrupted by a cut scene, and Leano, noting that your fishing rod is getting weak, will get Reyner to upgrade it for you. He will, of course, need materials:
  • Five Rainbow Dews. Rainbow Dew is found in the far south of Meadow Range, and is unlocked by completing Unknown Residue.
  • Five Silver Nuggets. Silver Nuggets can be bashed out of the larger rocks in Meadow Range or the smaller rocks on Glaze Iceberg.
  • Ten Rigid Pelts. Rigid Pelts are dropped by the Pangols that explore Meadow Range.

Grab everything above and take it back to Leano, likely near the Primerose Sail. She'll ship you off to Reyner's shop, and Reyner will give you the Intermediate Fishing Rod. This will allow you to move on to the River Fishing Spot, just north of your home. Completing this quest will also allow you to progress towards The Ultimate Fishing Rod, the quest for the highest level of Fishing Rod, though you need to do a loooot of fishing before you get there.