Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Back to the Sea, give Leano a Moon Brooch

Reward: None

Unlocks: Dating with Leano

Ahh, sweet romance. Once you've completed the first three quests of Leano's friendship line you can move things to a new level. In order to romance Leano you need to get a Moon Brooch from Silky Stitch Tailor's, which will unlock once you've moved at least one character in the game into dating distance. Moon Brooches cost five Moon Cloves, so hopefully you've been storing them up for a rainy day.

Give Leano a Moon Brooch - and agree that this is what you want - and she'll explain that in order for two pirates to tie the knot, one of them needs to catch a Flying Dragon Fish. She also explains that the Flying Dragon Fish can't be caught in any normal places, so... good luck?

Now comes the fun part. If you've been romancing Leano then you've been spending a lot of time near the Primerose Sail, and the chances are pretty good that you've been fishing. In order to catch the Flying Dragon Fish you need to collect the Advanced Fishing Rod, which requires catching, oh, somewhere in the order of 100 fish. Yikes. Here's a guide for catching fish in Potion Permit if you're still determined to win Leano's heart.

Head to Glaze Iceberg once you have the Advanced Fishing Rod, and bring along a bucket of Hyper Worms. (As of this writing you need Super Worms rather than Hyper Worms. This is doubtless a bug that will be fixed soon.) Head north from the cable car to find Glaze Grotto, a cave with a fishing spot in the middle. You'll see a cut scene involving a conspicuous shadow...

... and once you reel it in, you'll have your Flying Dragon Fish. Well done. Take it back to Leano and the two of you will become a couple, allowing you to go on dates with the pirate.

D'aww, how cute.