Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Leano's level 3 friendship

Reward: None

Unlocks: Unlock Leano level 4 friendship, Love's Anchor

By now you know the drill: Max out the third level of your friendship with Leano. Her routine remains the same as ever, and you'll find her hanging out near the Primerose Sail most of the day. Once you've maxed out the meter you'll find a message on the Bulletin Boards of Moonbury, asking anyone interested in seeing her to come visit at the Primerose Sail, Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00.

Meet with Leano and she'll confess that she misses roaming the sea, and is thinking of heading back to her old life. You're not keen on the idea of seeing her leave, but Leano is adamant regarding her decision. Nevertheless she's fine with you helping her prep her final voyage, and wants you to craft her some Gunpowder so she can defend herself from, probably, other pirates. 

Gunpowder only allows you to craft using Earth materials, and requires you to fill up fifteen squares. With fewer restrictions you could probably do this with five materials, but using only Earth proves rather challenging, and you'll need six materials to get the job done. Hopefully you already have your Cauldron upgraded to the second level. Here are suggestions for filling in the template:
  • There's a single space off by itself on the left that will require Sap. You can get several varieties of sap from the trees throughout Moonbury Island.
  • There's also a two-block space sitting by itself on the left. You'll need to fill it using an Silver Nugget, which you can smash out of the smaller rocks throughout Glaze Iceberg, or the larger rocks in Meadow Range.
  • At the top of the template are six horizontal blocks that you can fill with two Bear's Paws. You'll get Bear's Paws when killing Honeypaws, found early in Meadow Range.
  • Place a Savage Mane beneath the Bear's Paws. Bonemasks in Meadow Range drop Savage Manes.
  • The final space at the bottom of the template can be filled by an Iron Ore. Iron Ore is found in the smaller rocks of Meadow Range.

Give the Gunpowder to Leano. She'll say that she's headed off the next morning. Head home to sleep and Leano will meet you outside your home the next day. Suffice it to say that things end happily, and you'll unlock the fourth level of friendship with Leano - which, when you give her a particular item, leads to Love's Anchor. Ready for romance, chemist?