Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete A Plumbing Problem, repair the bridge to Barren Wasteland

Reward: 300 G, two Moon Cloves

Unlocks: --

Head to the graveyard near the Church once you've unlocked Barren Wasteland. You'll find Victor here, and as usual he's being creepy and vague. He needs you to get a package from Yorn, and when you check in with Yorn at the Tavern you find out that Victor also expected you to collect some flowers. You'll need to make a journey to the southeast to get them.

Both types of flowers are found in the Barren Wasteland. They're pretty easy to find, though the powerful foes of the area can make traveling through Barren Wasteland tricky until you've gotten used to their attacks. You'll need the following flowers:
  • Five Desert Datura. Desert Datura grows to the south of the North of Barren Wasteland Fast Travel point. The enemies here can make it a little risky to gather the stuff, but it's not hard to find.
  • Five Lacrima. Lacrima grows to the east of the Heart of Barren Wasteland Fast Travel point. Gathering these flowers is a bit safer.

Gather these items up for Yorn and he'll convert it into a wine called Seventh Island. Take it back to Victor. He has a great love for the cemetery where this quest began, and you can usually find him hanging out there, beside the Church, on any given day. He also lives inside the nearby Monastery if you can't find him at the Church. Hand over the wine to complete the quest and earn your reward.