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As true here as in any capitalistic venture, the accumulation of wealth plays a key role in any playthrough of Potion Permit. True, you can get through most of the main storyline without really needing any money, but your path will be greatly smoothed by earning gold. Unlike Wood and Stone, which are only collected in the field, money can be gathered in a number of different ways.

This guide will lay out several different ways to make money in Potion Permit. It will also draw conclusions on which methods will earn you the most money in the smallest time frame possible.

Method #1: Heal Patients

The most obvious method for making money is doing your job as a chemist. Each time you successfully diagnose and heal a patient they will hand over cash in exchange for your services. There are a number of factors that govern how much money you'll make with each patients:

  • The severity of their illness. As the game goes on patients will get hit with more and more serious ailments, and healing more serious diseases require more complex Potions. The flip side of the extra work is that you get paid more.
  • The number of illnesses being healed. A single patient can have up to four illnesses at once. Each malady you cure adds to their bill.
  • The quality of your facilities. Upgrading the Clinic via the Bulk and Build will add bonus money to the amount you make from your patients.
Healing patients will be your primary source of income. Unfortunately, it's also an unreliable source of income, as you never know when a patient is going to show up, or how many will appear in your Clinic at one time.

Method #2: Complete Quests

Whenever you complete a storyline quest there is a chance you will be paid a small stipend for your efforts. Whether or not you get paid depends entirely on the quest you've completed, making this method rather useless. Optional quests, on the other hand, can pay out quite a bit, and that's where the Community Board comes in.

Situated on the ground floor of Town Hall, the Community Board is used by the people of Moonbury Town to offer odd jobs to their fellow residents. On Monday each week six or seven new quests will be added to the Community Board, and you can accept them to earn some cash. There are two types of quests that go up on the Community Board:
  • Fetch quests. These quests ask for an amount of a specific item, and if you fulfill the request you'll receive gold. The requested materials can be dropped off in the box in front of Town Hall at any time of the day.
  • Cleaning quests. These quests ask you to clear an area of refuse, typically garbage in one form or another. Go to the indicated area and locate three pieces of trash to fulfill the request and earn your money.
You can accept as many jobs from the Community Board as you like. Any jobs that you do not complete by Monday automatically fail.

Method #3: Sell Potions

Early in Potion Permit you'll unlock the ability to sell Potions to the Medical Association. Whenever you create a Potion you can opt to drop it into the Post Drop Box in front of your house. The Potions will then be picked up by a delivery bird at 17:00 each day, and you'll receive Gold in exchange. The amount of Gold you earn varies from Potion to Potion, and the more complex the Potion, the more Gold you'll receive. Potions you decide to keep can be retrieved from the Post Drop Box, though once the delivery bird drops by any Potions in the Box will be gone forever.

Initially the Post Drop Box begins with six slots for Potions. If you visit Bulk and Build you can have Reyner upgrade the size of the Box, allowing you to deposit more Potions. When fully upgraded the Box can hold 24 Potions.

Method #4: Work Part-Time

When you enter certain buildings in Moonbury Town for the first time their primary worker will approach you and offer you part-time work. Completing their tasks will take two hours, and they'll offer you 125 G for successfully performing a short, time-based mini-game. You can engage in these mini-games by checking the board near the entrance of each building. The game varies based on where you're working:

  • Town Hall - You need to prepare seven packages by correctly entering sequences of directional inputs. Can be performed from 8:00 to 15:00 on all days but Sunday.
  • Police Department - You need to sort bottles into one of two piles. The clean bottles go to the right, the dirty bottles go to the left. Can be performed from 8:00 to 22:00 on any day.
  • Church - You need to grind ten sacks of grapes by tapping the indicated button as quickly as you can. Can be performed from 8:00 to 17:00 on all days but Wednesday.

Part-time jobs can be done once a day.

Ranking the Methods

So which method of making money works best? There's a definite order, and though it varies as you go through the game by the end most players will wind up using the same two gold-gathering techniques to pad their wallet:
  • The best way to make money is Selling Potions. It doesn't take that long, and if you focus on a specific Potion - the Beat Reagent - you'll make 500 Gold per sale. With your Box maxed out you can earn 12,000 Gold in a single day by selling Beat Reagents. True, it takes a while to make that many Potions, but 12,000 Gold is more than enough money to purchase anything in the game.
  • Second is Healing Patients. Though a little unreliable, healing patients still racks in a lot of dough, and is a necessity for keeping the community happy. Until you've kitted out your Post Drop Box and unlocked the more powerful Potions tending to patients is likely to earn you the majority of your money.
  • Third is Completing Quests. For the first half of the game it's a good idea to accept all of the optional quests on the Community Board and fulfill them with your extra ingredients. Eventually, however, the amount of cash you earn from these quests gets outstripped by keeping materials for use in Potions. That said, you can still drop food items like Meat into the box if you have a surplus at the right time, and cleaning up debris takes seconds once you know what to look for.
  • Completing Part-Time Jobs comes last. Early in Potion Permit Part-Time Jobs make sense, as patients are sporadic and the money you earn from your Potions is low. It won't take long for the pittance you earn at the Part-Time Jobs to lose its luster, however, and using the two hours you'd lose performing these tasks is better spent gathering materials in the field.

In short, make upgrading your Post Drop Box a priority. You'll find it very useful once you're trying to unlock the rest of the upgrades in Potion Permit.

Main Walkthrough